Angry Birds dev: “Kickstarter turning devs into high paid escorts/circus animals”

Thursday, 4 October 2012 12:30 GMT By Dave Cook

Rovio Stockholm head Oskar Burman has called out the way developers treat Kickstarter, specifically the way they offer themselves up as prizes for high-paying backers.

Burman tweeted his displeasure – specifically aimed at Loot Drop developers Brenda Brathwaite and Tom Hall’s Old School RPG Kickstarter – along with the message, “Kickstarter turning devs into high paid escorts/circus animals. Pay enough and we deliver game in person/on a red pillow/cook for you/BFF.”

Burman added, “I have nothing against kickstarter per se, just some of these rewards are stupid.”

He’s referring to the game’s $10,000 backer reward in which John Romero, Brenda Brathwaite and Tom Hall will personally present their game to you on a red velvet pillow, down a red carpet at Disneyland California.

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