Introversion launches paid alpha version of Prison Architect

Wednesday, 26 September 2012 17:14 GMT By Nick Akerman

Would you exchange cash for the chance to play an alpha version of Prison Architect? Introversion wants to know, and is tempting players with early access to its intriguing title.

The Prison Architect site is live right now. It offers a Kickstarter-styled tier system that provides access to the alpha version of the game and various extras. $30 will get you the base deal, while $1000 will allow you to design one of the game’s wardens.

PCGamesN asked Introversion director Mark Morris why the company didn’t go with Kickstarter.

“The big difficulty with Kickstarter is that you have to set a target. And for us, that was the trickiest part. We don’t need the money to complete the game, that’s not the objective. It’s much more that we want to run an ongoing alpha process where we can engage with the fans.”

Be sure to let us know if you commit to this one.