THQ announces Live mode for WWE 13

Friday, 27th July 2012 14:11 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

THQ has released a new video for WWE 13, which shows off the Live mode in the wrastlin’ game. The mode contains Spectacular Moments, including ring breaks and barricade crashes. The brand-new audio and presentation system in Live was designed to produce “the most authentic and vibrant commentary, sound effects and crowd participation levels ever heard.” Watch the video below. WWE 13 launches October 30 in the US and November 2 in the UK for PS3 Wii and Xbox 360.



  1. CPC_RedDawn

    I would love to get back into wrestling. I used to love the good old days with Monday Night Raw going head to head with the MUCH MUCH better Monday Night Nitro! Yes that’s right, I was a WCW fan, and still am to this day. Nothing could compete with it back in ’96,’97,’98, and ’99 (towards the end of ’99 it got bad… VERY bad lol). I used to watch Nitro and tape WWF on VHS… those were the days. Most of the time I fast forward most of WWF and just watch the matches the talking really really pissed me off, but it got better in late ’99 and 2000, up til around 2005 and after that it has turned into the pathetic drivel it is today.

    I might just get this and play in the Attitude era the whole time LOL.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. wweisno1

    they need to have the APA the mcmhaons all the member of dx hardy dudleys chirs benoit in this game

    #2 2 years ago
  3. Christopher Jack

    Benoit will never be in another WWE game ever again. This game looks far better than last years efforts but Yukes really should take a look at the early PS2 games & simply modernize them. Upgrade graphics, add modern superstars(while keeping as many classic & legendary wrestlers as possible), etc. Also, add in as many match types as possible, casket(buried alive) was always good fun, I quit, special ref & true falls count anywhere(exit the ring then simply go backstage, into the parking lot, etc) are also popular.

    I was also a huge fan of GM mode but I think I maybe in a minority here but I’d still appreciate it’s return if they could combine that in a separate mode & simply make it come to life with the current WWE Universe mode, always fun feeling in control of a roster that you drafted. A proper story mode with multiple scenarios, proper free roam & dozens of different story branches would also be awesome, just grab Shut your Mouth as a base & make it a next gen game.

    #3 2 years ago

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