GameCity 7 features Molyneux-curated day, Steam School, more

Thursday, 3 May 2012 10:40 GMT By Johnny Cullen

GameCity 7 will now take place over an entire week this year, organisers have announced this morning.

This year’s festival in Nottingham will take place between October 20-27.

The event will feature a free Steam School open to anyone at any age and discipline. Subjects include maths, science, technology, engineering and art. Contributors include Crytek UK, TT Games, Mozilla Fondation, The British Library and the local education authority in Nottingham.

Peter Molyneux will also curate a day at the festival. The ex-Lionhead boss, now 22 Cans co-founder, will curate ‘Peter Molyneux’s Bootcycle’ that will explore his past and newer projects and what inspired him outside games.

Also promised for the event are celebrations for the 30th anniversary of Commodore 64 and the return of GameCity Prize.

More details here.