La Mulana western WiiWare release cancelled, PC version still on the cards

Tuesday, 1st May 2012 06:47 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Nicalis has cancelled the European and US release of Nigoro’s WiiWare platformer La Mulana. The publisher told GoNintendo the “steep decline” of WiiWare sales coupled with long delays prompted the decision. A PC version is on the way, and Nigoro hopes to make an announcement soon, as it’s currently overwhelmed by requests for more information.

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  1. TheWulf

    Yeah, they were really backing the wrong horse with the WiiWareee. All that I’ve heard from dev mumblings tends to point at it not being at all a great platform for indie titles.

    Nintendo needs to get their shit together really if they want to be a pioneer of indie titles. But Nintendo isn’t alone in that. Honestly, the lack of delays is why the PC and tablets (Android and iPad) are still the bastions of indie.

    I think indie titles could do well on consoles, but the waits we’ve heard of before they approve anything… well, it’s just not healthy for those indie titles. Big publishers can wait more before they get a payout on their work, but it’s not so easy for indie developers.

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