Research firm expects tablet sales to hit 375 million by 2016, won’t “cannibalize” PC market

Wednesday, 25th April 2012 14:38 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

A Forrester Research report states tablet sales are expected to hit 375 million by 2016 with 760 million tablets in use worldwide, an annual growth of 46% compared to the 56 million tablets purchased in 2011.

iPad sales will represent one-third of overall tablet purchases by 2016, while Android tablets will decline due to the launch of Windows 8.

Forrester doesn’t expect Android tablet sales to start diminishing until around 2014, as the install base won’t take off until Microsoft fine tunes its Windows Metro experience.

The firm expects the PC and laptop market to hit 2 billion by 2016, due to tablets only “partially cannibalizing” the PC market. Tablets may eventually slow laptop sales, it predicts, but desktop system sales will increase.

Forrester said the majority of tablets have only a three-year lifespan the majority of consumers, which will add to the sale of new tablets in 2014.

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  1. loki

    RIP home PC

    #1 3 years ago
  2. TheWulf

    Well, it’s more like it can’t cannibalise the PC.

    The reason people even use PCs is because of limitations present in consoles and tablets. I’m saying this objectively as an owner of a PS3, a 360, an iPad, and a PC. The problem is is that consoles and tablets are highly restricted in both their storage medium, memory, and raw processing power.

    Which is to say that they don’t have a great processors (which is why AI in console games tends to be not so great, as we’re all aware), and those processors are always low end, too. Now couple that with incredibly limited storage space, and almost non-existent amounts of RAM, and you have a system that is obviously limited, despite being graphically resplendent.

    This is why a console would have trouble being able to run the Gothic games, and why the AI of Risen was massively dumbed down compared to the Gothic games (because it had a console release).

    Now consider all the things that you rely upon storage for with a PC: Videos, music, comics, and so on. These are things that tablets can only do in limited supply, and consoles don’t bother with at all. And web browsing on a tablet is still an absolute fucking nightmare compared to, say, using Firefox on a PC.

    The thing is is that in order for a tablet to actually cannibalise the PC market, it needs processing power, RAM, and storage to match the PC.

    But that won’t be happening for at least another three decades, with the current incredibly slow march of miniaturisation of storage tech and RAM. (Not to mention the exorbitant expenses.) So yeah, it won’t even DENT the PC market. It would be like abandoning your toolbox because you got a swiss army knife.

    (Basically: When you can run S.T.A.L.K.E.R. on a tablet with absolutely no missing features and without the AI dumbed down at all, then that’s when tablets will take over PCs, and rightfully so.)

    @1 – You left your brain back there. I found it for you, and dusted it off, but unfortunately it seems like it’s been through a lot. Not even sure you ever actually used it, but here you go.

    #2 3 years ago
  3. Christopher Jack

    I reckon Android has the potential to become the ultimate all in one tech experience, with the potential of ARM & the way that Android is growing, it could very well prove to the ultimate OS. I would have loved if the iPad were essentially a touch friendly Mac tablet but was disappointed to find it was just the overblown mobile version, iOS, skinned in an outdated aspect ratio, if only this become Apple’s famous iPad instead

    Hopefully with the next gen of tabs we get PC-like multitasking, Android is already great with it but you can really only have one window up at a time. That may not be a problem with phones where people need as much visual room as they can get but people should be able to, for example, watch a video while browsing the net on a 10″ tab.

    #3 3 years ago

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