TERA open beta starts this weekend

Wednesday, 18th April 2012 18:52 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

TERA goes into open beta this weekend, and it will run from Friday, April 20 through Monday, April 23. If you haven’t signed up for it, you can do so through here, after which you will be provided with further instructions on how to participate. TERA goes live on May 1 and head start information can be found through here.



  1. TheWulf

    I have a mild interest in this one purely because it captures my imagination with the setting they’ve used. Still, I’m hearing far too often that it’s just great combat on top of a grinder, even TB said that too, I think. That plus a subscription is really putting me off.

    I don’t get that. You’d think that they’d be smart enough to release this as a buy-to-play game. If they did that, then I’d likely risk it anyway, and if I liked it I’d play it alongside Guild Wars 2. But with it being a subscription-based game, I’m not even going to touch it.

    It’s going to go free-to-play six months down the road after release anyway as an inevitability, I suppose, but then I’ll be so deep into GW2 that I just won’t give a shit about it. I don’t know, subscriptions on anything other than WoW (since they have the marketing to make it work) seems like pure idiocy, these days.

    Not to mention that subscriptions are a con. I mean, consider, in free to play games you can get a good chunk of content for $10. But in a subscription game you may pay for three months, which is around $45, and get… maybe a new dungeon out of it. And really, customer services aren’t that great even in subscription-based games.

    Not to mention that even subscriptions-based games add cash shops early on, they all have. Even WoW has one, now.

    It’s confusing, I guess.

    maybe they know their game isn’t that great and they’re hoping to soak up as much money with box sales and first month subscriptions as they can before they go free-to-play? That doesn’t fill me with confidence.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. noherczeg


    TB issmashing gats for 20minutes constantly and praises THAT game for that (too). Give it a shot, because it deservers at least that :)

    Oh and it runs on everything, not like shitwars2 wich never ever heared of optimization..

    #2 3 years ago
  3. TheWulf


    Yeah, but it still has the subscription to consider. I’m just not bothering with subscription games any more. It’s too much wasted money.

    Let me further my examples: On recent information released by Activision publically, the server costs for WoW were a footnote, they were minimal, almost irrelevant. Now, NCsoft has released information saying that the sales of GW have covered ALL of their server costs.

    Let that sink in for a moment.

    The sales of GW have covered the server costs for ALL of their online games, not just Guild Wars, but everything else. That’s crazy, but it’s true.

    Now consider the content you get for three months of a subscription (which in most cases costs $45 for three months at $15 a month). In most subscription-based games you’ll be lucky to get a dungeon. Nothing was added within the last few months of even WoW, I believe. So, yeah. It’s a massive con.

    Now look at a cash shop game like Lord of the Rings, to get a damned good slice of content, you may pay $10. $10 is… a lot less than $45.

    See, people worry that cash shops will cost more. But that’s because there’s more value in those games than there is in a game like TERA or Star Wars: The Old Republic. In those games, you’re paying for your monthly subscription and rarely getting anything, if you do get something, it’ll be scraps. And you’ll STILL get paid expansions, even with a subscription, and many MMOs have a cash shop along with their subscription.

    A fool and their money are easily parted.

    See, this is why I’m oh so wary of TERA. I’m not touching it. After it goes free to play? Well, maybe. Maybe. We’ll see. But it just doesn’t do a lot for my confidence in the game, like I said. I mean, it seems they’re just trying to milk subscriptions for as long as they last before inevitably going free to play.

    Why con people like that? Why not just launch under a buy to play or free to play model?

    Consider that GW2 is going to be just the box price and the cash shop, and TotalBiscuit said in a recent video that GW2′s cash shop doesn’t have anything you need to play the game, it’s all very optional. They’re no doubt going to put mission packs and expansion packs up on the cash shop, too, but frnakly?

    Consider this, too: An expansion pack may set you back $50, but that’s only $5 more than the $45 you’d pay for three months of a subscription. That $50 nets you loads of new zones, new story, new cutscenes, lots of new content, new stuff for your character, and so on. Essentially like past MMORPG expansion packs have been.

    I mean… subscriptions are just a massive con. Subscriptions seem like a tax for the stupid. You pay so much money and you get nothing in return. You get no mission packs, no expansion packs, you keep playing the launch content over and over until they’re kind enough to release an expansion pack, or throw you scraps. Because they know you’ll keep paying, so why bother making new content? Just a massive con.

    I’m not stupid, so I’m not touching a subscription-based TERA.

    Let me break it down further.


    Price: $60
    Money that you have to pay over three months: $45
    Likelihood of unpaid new content over three months: Minimal.
    Likelihood of paid content over three months: None.
    Expansion pack cost: $50.


    Price: $60
    Money that you have to pay over three months: $0
    Likelihood of unpaid new content over three months: Minimal.
    Likelihood of paid content over three months: Mission packs for $10.
    Expansion pack cost: $50.


    Subscription gamers are paying a shit tonne extra for things that free to play players are. You’re looking at $45 vs. $10, and frankly, that $10 we know is going to buy you more content, because if the content isn’t worth it then people won’t buy it. (See: Every DLC ever.)

    #3 3 years ago

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