LulzSec’s “Sabu” working with FBI since last summer, has led to arrests

Tuesday, 6th March 2012 19:48 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

A handful of LulzSec have been taken into custody in the US and UK, and the round-up can be attributed to “Sabu,” who was the alleged leader of the hack group.


Fox was handed the news by a law enforcement source who stated two FBI agents walked into a New York public housing development apartment belonging to 28-year old Hector Monsegur, an unemployed man going by the handle “Sabu.”

The man has been cooperating with FBI since, which let to the aforementioned arrests.

Court documents state he was arrested June 7, and released the following day on a $50,000 bail which was “upervised by the FBI with respect to travel and reporting and all other issues.”

He worked for FBI “between 8 and 16 hours a day” online to gleen information and “was watched by monitoring software and by an agent who supervised his online activity 24 hours a day.”

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