Final Gears 3 DLC, Forces of Nature, announced for March

Friday, 17th February 2012 07:20 GMT By Johnny Cullen

Epic’s announced the fourth and final DLC for Gears of War 3, the Forces of Nature map pack.

The pack will feature five maps – three new original maps in Artillery, Aftermath and Cove, with two classics featuring, such as Gears 1′s Raven Down and Jacinto from Gears 2 – as well as three new character skins: Commando Dom, Mechanic Baird, Savage Grenadier Elite and Savage Hunter.

Guardian Mode will also return from Gears of War 2 as part of the DLC, along with seven new weapon skins, one of which is linked to MLG and the other to an cheevo easter egg.

Forces of Nature’s will get ten additional achievements that tally up 250 Gamerpoints.

The content will be the last as part of Gears 3′s Season Pass, but Epic isn’t quite ruling out more content for the future.

“It’s kind of a ‘never say never’ perspective,” Epic director Rod Fergusson has told Digital Spy.

“We’ve completed the obligation for those with the season pass, so it’s really now all about community demand and those sorts of things and what people want. But I mean, it takes a lot of effort to create DLC, and in terms of internal resources and what we’re focused on, that kind of stuff.

“It’s really driven by player demand. If players are dying for it and they want it, then it’s something that we can definitely look at.”

Forces of Nature launches on March 27 for 800 MS points.



  1. Logic Incarnate

    Another case of “exclusive” pre-order items becoming paid content (the Dom and Grenadier skins) and screwing over the loyal fans who paid for everything up front. Disappointing.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. wamp

    u paid for the game like every one else. You recieved a bonus (for 0$) from particular retailer for pre-ordering… or as you say: being loyal. i’m glad they released them eventually, especially in the Gears case. Too much skins, too much retailers. What happen if you wanted two or more? Go pre-order one from amazon, one from best buy..

    #2 3 years ago
  3. Froseidon

    @1 – Yes, they were a free bonus, ergo, you never paid, ergo, they are not “screwing over loyal fans who paid for everything up front”. Also, They are different variants. You should know this. They are recoloured so you still have an exclusive. And why the hell are you complaining, more characters are better, you’re just being an idiot.

    #3 3 years ago

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