Soul Calibur 5 has “a lot more story”

Wednesday, 1st February 2012 07:44 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Series fans are going to get a lot out of Soul Calibur 5, as the fighter’s storyline advances further than ever before.

“This time around, we’re going to have a lot more story in the game,” producer Hisaharu Tago said in a developer diary.

“And we’ll finally be able to shed some light on some aspects of the relationship between Soul Calibur and Soul Edge.”

To move the series’s plot along, Team Soul also had to advance its timeline, which was a problem for those characters not blessed with immortality.

“We just needed to push the story forward which was tricky, because we didn’t want to get rid of the existing characters that our players have come to love, such as Ivy, Nightmare, Astaroth – it’s a long list,” director Daishi Odashima said.

“So I was trying to come up with a timeframe in which the old characters could realistically mix with the new characters. I thought 17 years sounded about right.”

This decision allowed Team Soul to focus on a new generation – the children of Sophitia were a natural fit, as she has a unique connection to the twin swords, Soul Edge and Soul Calibur.

Unfortunately, it had its casualties, too – ninja Taki was judged too old for the acrobatics her role requires, and so had to be replaced by student Natsu.

Soul Calibur 5 is out now in the US and expected in Europe on February 3, on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. See the full developer diary below.

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  1. xino

    I doubt it.

    i read a review saying the story was short or something

    #1 3 years ago
  2. Clupula

    Bullshit. They don’t even have individual character endings this time and story mode only extends to three characters with no resolution for most of the cast. They even took out the character profiles that, at least, explained everyone’s reasons for being in the game. They took out story-related materials that were in the game all the way back in Soul Calibur 1.

    Let’s put it this way: when I read this headline, I thought Namco was going to be offering more story modes as DLC.

    This is HUGE step back for the series, considering that the story was incredibly indepth in Soul Calibur III and here, it’s not even worth buying if you don’t play online.

    A more accurate headline for this article would be: “Odashima: Soul Calibur 5 Has a Lot More Story.” This way, it puts the lie on him and not on the website.

    #2 3 years ago
  3. KAP


    I totally agree dude. This site, as consistant as it is at times, tent to use the ploy of “fuckin-up” there article titles. This isnt the first time and defo not the last.

    As for the subject in hand I LOOOOOVED the story mode in Soul Edge, and shamefully Namco hasn’t recreated that since with any of there titles since. Not even close.

    Example: In Soul Edge they had sections that broke away from the “beat em up” genre to keep the freshness of the game as a whole and the endings were interactive. Such an amazing game now that I think about t.

    #3 3 years ago

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