Tropico 4: Modern Times Expansion coming to PC and 360 in March

Friday, 13th January 2012 18:47 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Kalypso has announced the Modern Times Expansion for Tropico 4 will be released in March for PC and Xbox 360.

Times are changing and El Presidente is faced with new challenges with the dawn of the Internet, a New World Order, terrorists, global financial markets and space exploration threaten in change, or evolve his regime on the island of Tropico.

Including an extensive new single-player campaign, the expansion also contains new buildings, challenges, additional “presidential edicts” and more. A list with some of the new features present in the expansion is below.

  • Blurb: “Old buildings must replaced by their modern counterparts. Cars and transportation need modernization to meet the needs of a changing economy; and now El Presidente can even send people to the International Space Station. El Presidente and his ministers must now join the war against terror and control Internet regulation and freedom of speech on Tropico.”
  • 30 new buildings become available as time progresses, including condos, skyscrapers, organic ranches and biofarms. Replace obsolete buildings with these modern and inspiring designs.
  • Upgrade old buildings to new variants – modernized apartment buildings, banks, museums and much more
  • 10 new edicts allow even more control over your citizens’ lives. Block or limit citizens’ Internet use, create a police state or be a “good guy” and launch the Festival of Love edict.
  • New single player campaign comprised of 12 comprehensive scenario missions. Protect Tropico from unseen and sinister forces.

The expansion will run you $19.99/£19.99/€24.99/1200 MSP. Check out the new teaser video below.



  1. Talkar

    Awesome. I think it’s really cool you can have your launch pad right next to a road xD

    #1 3 years ago
  2. GrimRita

    @1 lol

    I love Tropico. Its a great game to wind down on a Sunday with.

    #2 3 years ago
  3. Talkar

    Indeed it is :P

    #3 3 years ago
  4. DSB

    I gotta say I’m morally opposed to buying a carbon copy of Tropico 3. They didn’t even change the models from the last game.

    I almost jumped in during the Steam sale, but it’s just wrong though. I love Tropico, but that’s just silly.

    #4 3 years ago
  5. jacobvandy

    @4 I felt the same way when it was $40, but at $16 it’s been way more than worth it. The campaign is an actual campaign now, with a sort of storyline and persistence rather than just a handful of different missions you play in almost any order, and they made quite a few fundamental changes to the economy that aren’t exactly recognizable from screenshots or trailers (a major one being imports/exports and how they’re tied to the global market). Regardless, it’s obviously the best version to get if you’ve never played before.

    As for this expansion, I will probably wait again until it’s on sale unless it turns out to be so exceedingly good that people are raving about it (unlikely). I don’t want to pay more than I paid for the base game.

    #5 3 years ago
  6. GrimRita

    Jacob is right. I purchased Tropico 3 and 4 at full price but after around 6 months, they are on sale on Steam for a bargain price. Worth picking up despite small changes, but some are welcome changes to the game.

    Its great that small developers can still make fun games without having to be an FPS!

    #6 3 years ago

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