EVE Online offers bulk subscription for first time

Friday, 2 September 2011 23:11 GMT By Andrew Groen

EVE Online developers CCP have announced that they’ll be making their in-game subscription time available at a big discount for the first time, which is kind of significant if you play EVE.

It’s significant because EVE’s subscription time is also an in-game currency that can be bought or traded with other currencies or goods. It’s a practice that CCP actually encourages.

Players can become so wealthy in-game that they don’t ever have to actually pay for the game itself. Other players can buy subscription time with real world cash and then trade that for money, goods, and influence in the game world.

For those of you who actually know what this means, on September 16, 13 PLEX  (the subscription time) will cost you just $199.99. This could potentially yield significant results for EVE players as it will be a renewed chance for real-world wealth to tip the scales in the political war that is EVE Online.