AU News Wrap, September 1 – What happened today

Thursday, 1 September 2011 07:59 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Let’s make this snappy, kiddies. It’s late night shopping and I wish to exercise my capitalist tendencies.

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Jaffe 2.0: David Jaffe on putting gameplay first
This is an amazing read! A long, long, long amazing read which is well worth it.

Yes, it’s the Dandies again today, but don’t blame me; I’m not in charge of iTunes roulette. This is the album where one of the tracks is also on the soundtrack to the second Tomb Raider film. What happened to that reboot? I should probably find out. That’s kind of why they give me money.

If you need to delve further back in time, do check out Steph’s US accounting, and even more distant, Johnny’s European summary. Speaking of Johnny he’s recording another Bulletcast today, as Pat and co are actually stuck in Sweden which is, let’s face it, pretty god damned hilarious.