CCP: “EVE is Forever”, but new players need a better introduction

Thursday, 21st April 2011 07:34 GMT By Brenna Hillier

CCP’s Arnar Gylfason has said the new, avatar-centric Incarna content won’t lose sight of EVE Online’s space epic origins, but it will make things easier for new players scared off by the game’s scope.

The senior producer told Massively that a new focus on avatars should help divorce players from the notion that losing a ship is the end of the world.

“One of the big things with Incarna is about allowing players to identify more with their avatars – their personae,” he said – as opposed to their spacecraft. ” … People are way too afraid of losing their ships.

“The one thing we noticed was that in any other game you start out as an avatar in a very safe, secure environment. That’s just something people are used to and it’s something they expect when they go to a new game.

“Being able to identify with an avatar gives you more connection and flattens out the learning curve just a little bit.

“In some aspects, [Incarna] is definitely targeted at easing the transition for new players into what is essentially very new to everyone who tries out EVE. This is not like something they’ve played before, so giving them a hint of home in that is an important thing.”

Gylfason commented that the new content means new players aren’t immediately hit by a “Welcome to space” message.

“What’s really changing is the crash course, which is being turned into an epic arc. It’s more of a familiar taste for MMO players to come in and get that, more of a gradual introduction into what EVE is.”

Nevertheless, CCP isn’t going to relinquish the satisfying complexity and elements of risk inherent in the lauded MMO.

“EVE is forever. Seriously. We’re not gonna forget our roots, even if we’re now deepening the immersion on planets and with avatars.

“We’re not going to forget that there’s a space game out there,” Gyflason said.



  1. mojo

    EVE rules!
    never played it, but just for the sake of the developer, it fucking rules!

    #1 4 years ago
  2. GwynbleiddiuM

    The only problem with EVE is that it has too much too offer and it tries to offer them altogether. EVE is fantastic I love it even though I don’t generally play it. It has a great community too, most people will help you to get some edge on the game, offer their knowledge and experience in a welcoming manner. Not unlike most communities where people treat newcomers like lepers or some douche who’d spoil their game. last month I was doing my daily heroic in wow, the tank was new to heroics and poor guy even mentioned it, but at the sign of first error, poor guy was kicked out of the group cause none of us has no tolerance for error anymore and everyone has forgotten that they too was once beginners and made mistakes no one was an epic adventurer the moment they logged in to a game for the first time…

    #2 4 years ago
  3. viralshag

    I started playing about 2 weeks ago. I sort of enjoy it but there is a shit load of stuff to learn. It’s certainly not a game for everyone though and they definitely need to do something about the UI too.

    It’s a good game though.

    #3 4 years ago

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