Dragon Age II trailer is go for launch

Tuesday, 8th March 2011 14:19 GMT By Johnny Cullen

EA’s released the launch trailer for Dragon Age II as the BioWare RPG releases in the US today. You can watch it below, via GT. The publisher’s also confirmed the release of the The Exiled Prince, the first DLC for the game, available from PSN, Xbox Live and PC.

May want to keep an eye out later this evening: embargo for reviews lifts at 5pm GMT. Keep them zesty. Game’s out on Friday in the UK for PS3, 360 and PC.



  1. psybass

    i think this game gonna suck as hell, because i heard just now that this game shorter than DA:O. interesting what gonna be with mass effect 3.

    #1 4 years ago
  2. Erthazus

    Started playing it… What a pile of s***…

    It’s even worse then the first game that had some issues Bioware could fix.

    but they Mass Effected it for the casual audience. Completely.

    Mass Effect 2: Shitty shooter with cheap dialogs
    Dragon Age 2: Shitty hack and slash with cheap dialogs

    PILE OF DONKEY S***! Story is also generic and i don’t care for any of the characters… I mean, thats just degradation.

    Hillarious thing that direct X11 DOES NOT WORK, Nvidia even released a BETA version of new Driver JUST for the Dragon Age II Game. This is MEGATON.

    Dear Bioware and EA, go, chop your balls off and die!

    #2 4 years ago
  3. DSB

    Yup, it’s even filed under action games on Steam.

    I don’t know if I’d draw all those assumptions from a demo that’s so shitty, Erth, but I couldn’t agree more. The fact that they’d release a demo that is so bad says a lot about their priorities in my opinion.

    Bioware selling their soul for a bit of console dough is probably the biggest disappointment I’ve had since.. Yeah, Invisible War.

    And I don’t really see what’s left of classic PC gaming to ruin anymore. Super depressing to think back at what we used to have :P Now it’s either The Sims or World of Warcraft. You could play Total War or Civilization, but that’s not exactly what it used to be.

    #3 4 years ago
  4. guapo

    I don’t know what you are smoking because this game is awesome. Maybe if you stop being a graphics whore you could actually enjoy something. I thought origins was a pile of shit and I embrace the gameplay changes bioware has made with da2. Hack-n-slash?? well if that’s the way you play you are missing out.

    #4 4 years ago
  5. guapo

    I’m talking about console version, btw. I can’t see myself gaming with a mouse lol.

    #5 4 years ago
  6. guapo

    Also, the demo is completely watered down compared to the full game. The opening sequence in the full game is much longer and in depth. I hope erthategamingazus isn’t judging this game from that demo ( though it wouldn’t surprise me).

    #6 4 years ago
  7. DSB

    That’s kinda the point guapo. Most PC gamers have been playing tactical RPGs since the 90′s, and this is essentially the end of it, in terms of major investment.

    We weren’t saying that people wouldn’t love it, though. I’m sure they’ll buy it hook, line and sinker, and double the sales. Mass Effect 2 was turned into a standard GRAW-style cover-shooter and for whatever reason people loved the fuck out of that, so it really wouldn’t surprise me that Dragon Age in the form of a simple hack n slash will thrill just as much.

    I just think it’s too simple and generic, personally.

    #7 4 years ago
  8. Erthazus

    “Maybe if you stop being a graphics whore ”

    Where i said something about graphics? About Direct X11? Because game freezes with that setting. Is this graphics whoring? I can’t play with my 400-500 series of Geforce just because of bad programming. Is this graphics whoring?

    “and I embrace the gameplay changes bioware has made with da2.”

    Hello, Casual Gamer. Thats not changes, thats degradation.
    Dragon Age: Origins was not a pile of shit. It was an RPG game with lots of faults, but if you never liked it you are a casual gamer. GL playing new turd with shitty dialogs.

    “Hack-n-slash?? well if that’s the way you play you are missing out.”

    Tactics there at minimum,. Game is easy.

    @DSB, We still have Witcher 2 :D and few other gems. Shogun look actually pretty good so far.

    But back on topic. thats a MEGATOIN… Nvidia even released a BETA driver exclusively for Dragon Age II.
    So basically if you want to play with Direct X10 or 11 you need to download a beta driver that can screw your system. My firewall does not even like it to be honest.

    I think devs at Bioware smoked too much weed and forgot to program the game for PC.

    + they forgot to release Texture pack that must be included in the PC edition and if you want them? Woop di doop. go to Bioware site and download them.

    M E G A T O N. How is this even possible? I mean, why they forgot to put them in the game?

    #8 4 years ago
  9. Erthazus

    “I hope erthategamingazus isn’t judging this game from that demo ( though it wouldn’t surprise me).”

    I’m playing full game right now. FULL Game. I just started 2 hours ago.

    I can make screenshots if you want. Gladly i’m playing it on my PC.

    #9 4 years ago
  10. Moonwalker1982

    Jesus christ Erthazus, now and then i see your messages and all you do is complain. Seriously…do you even enjoy ANY games anymore? Cause i sure don’t believe that. Mass Effect 2 a shitty shooter with cheap dialog? Wow.

    Hey it’s all about opinions i know that, but all you do is complain complain and complain…damn man.

    #10 4 years ago
  11. Ireland Michael

    @8 You’re an idiot.

    The combat mechanics are exactly the same as the original game. The only differences are that the timers have been sped up, and the move trees have been streamlined.

    It still has all the exact same stat management and inventory systems as well.

    Yet somehow its suddenly become a hack and slash? The Internet is filled of goddamn tools. Seriously.

    #11 4 years ago
  12. DSB

    @Erth I haven’t really gotten into the first Witcher yet, but it seemed pretty simplistic to me. Didn’t CD Projekt say they’re focused on consoles for the second one?

    I should probably try out the first one a bit more. I don’t think I’ve played it for more than an hour.

    As for Shogun, I was really excited by the last two Total War games, only to be seriously disappointed by how broken they were on release, so I’m making a point of passing on this one. Fool me twice, and what not.

    I think it’s a huge shame that consoles just eat up entire genres like this. Basically there’s only 1C Company and a few indies out there still making worthwhile PC games.

    #12 4 years ago
  13. Erthazus

    “Hey it’s all about opinions i know that, but all you do is complain complain and complain…damn man.”

    Because i complain about bad games. If you don’t like it move on.

    “Mass Effect 2 a shitty shooter with cheap dialog? Wow.”

    Yes! If Mass Effect 2 is your first RPG it’s your only problem if you think that Mass Effect have great dialogs.

    @Ireland idiot, “The combat mechanics are exactly the same as the original game. The only differences are that the timers have been sped up, and the move trees have been streamlined.”

    That is exactly why it is HACK and slash. You basically use a shit ton of moves in the battle. cooldown is so damn fast that every freakin SKILL works to kill a lot of darkspawn army.

    ZERO strategy. So keep saying bullshit.

    #13 4 years ago
  14. Ireland Michael

    The strategy is exactly the same as before. Only faster. So how the hell is that less strstegy?

    #14 4 years ago
  15. Zurtech



    I mean then ye get games like Witcher which people claim to be amazing RPGs with no customisation, a fixed generic character, sexism by the bucket load, etc. I mean they called DA2 a hack’n'slash, when it’s got the same auto-attack gameplay as DA:0, NWN etc, only as ye said the timers have been sped up so there’s no waiting 5 seconds between each hit. Personally I found Witcher to be a complete Hack’n'Slash, all ye did was jab the left mouse button whilst waiting for ye flourish to appear so ye can press the left mouse button again, to me that qualifies for hack’n'slash. o_0

    #15 4 years ago
  16. DSB

    How are the tactics the same Michael? You push a random button and three to five monsters at an angle of 180 degrees in front of you die on the spot.

    In the last game you had to actually work to take them down. It’s a world of difference.

    And the fact that the cooldowns are lower mean nothing? Really? I’d say there’s a bit more tactical consideration in having to pick firing what you got at a specific time, than simply hammering it out constantly.

    #16 4 years ago
  17. Erthazus

    The only thing where strategy is involved are boss battles, but that is because bosses have a lot of HP and you need to defend yourself from other enemies.

    Every skill works, when in DAO one not every skill was effective. But here, i just press 1,2,3,4 buttons and etc. and kill everyone. Playing on HARD difficulty.

    @DSB, “I haven’t really gotten into the first Witcher yet, but it seemed pretty simplistic to me. Didn’t CD Projekt say they’re focused on consoles for the second one?”

    witcher 2 is PC only. First game had only 2 problems: bad battle system and graphics (if you care about grahics in RPG genre. For me it’s not important in that genre) but everything else was good. You should try it more.

    A lot of gamers didn’t liked the start of the game because it felt a bit generic. I agree.

    #17 4 years ago
  18. Ireland Michael

    - Inventory system
    - Skill trees for abilities
    - Level based advancement
    - Numerous stats that affect abilities
    - Ability selection based combat
    - Cool downs on abilities
    - Heavy focus on story and character development

    Yep, total hack and slash.

    Again, you’re an idiot.

    #18 4 years ago
  19. Ireland Michael

    And if you’re finding the game too easy? Increase th difficulty level! That’s what it’s there for.

    #19 4 years ago
  20. Erthazus

    “The strategy is exactly the same as before. Only faster. So how the hell is that less strstegy?”

    ARE YOU stupid?

    You push a RANDOM skill (button) and horde of Darkspawn enemies Killed in ONE FREAKIN HIT.
    Remember DAO 1? In DAO 1 you can’t do that. NO. WAY. !

    I’m playing a warrior right now and there is a skill that slashes everyone in 180 or 360 degree where you kill everyone.

    Also, ENEMIES have RESPAWN. Are you serious? It’s not the same. It’s Different and more hack and slash this time around.

    #20 4 years ago
  21. DSB

    So…. None of that ever featured in a hack and slash?

    Michael… Have you ever played a hack and slash? I’d suggest you print out that list and go do a bit of background on that one.

    #21 4 years ago
  22. Ireland Michael

    @20 The game has a difficulty slider. Use it.

    @21 Feel free to show me a “hack and slash” that had those elements. Because if it did, it was an RPG. Maybe a hack and slash RPG, but still an RPG.

    The cooldowns alone stop it from being a hack and slash. Otherwise WoW is a hack and slash too.

    #22 4 years ago
  23. Erthazus

    - Inventory system — Dumbed down
    - Skill trees for abilities – You have now just TREE this time. Such a progression.
    - Level based advancement – LOL WUT?
    - Numerous stats that affect abilities – SAME SHIT
    - Ability selection based combat – Same shit with abilities in DAO 1, just this time it have a tree with different abilities.
    - Cool downs on abilities – so in DAO 1 there were no cooldowns?
    - Heavy focus on story and character development – WHAAAA?

    Wait what? After that you can go and fuck yourself. If MASS EFFECT style of dialogs is a HEAVY focus on story and character development go and chop your balls off and die.

    Also, the game is more cinematic (thats your character development???). I don’t get it.
    Yes, your character have a family, thats cool. But that does not mean that it is better.

    #23 4 years ago
  24. UuBuU

    I didn’t particularly care for the original, and it seems every change they’ve made for the sequel has been negative. Definately staying clear of this one.

    Problem is, this is going to sell really well regardless of how many bad awful decisions Bioware make, so they won’t really learn anything and will continue to dumb down their games.

    #24 4 years ago
  25. guapo

    I feel bad for you erthazus. So much anger and dismay with every post. Because something is different it is not automatically “shitty”. I guess that’s your opinion (albeit a very narrow-minded one) but seriously, why do you play games. you talk about witcher2 and shogun but we ALL know it’s just a matter of time before you’re on this site complaining about those games too. If I don’t like origins i’m a casual gamer?? Dumbest statement on this site. Ever. i honestly don’t care if i’m casual, hardcore, or anything else. I am a gamer, plain and simple. I love to play games, and i come to this site to congregate with like-minded people. The only people who care if they are “hardcore” or not really need to reevaluate their priorities and get out of their mom’s basement. Life is bigger than ” I’m a hartdcore gamer”. Erthass-us, you are so misguided. I get the feeling you have some gaming knowledge but I bet you struggle in the real world. I woould also wager that your incompetence at REAL LIFE is the source of all that frustration you bring to this site. How about this: get off your computer, go outside, and DO SOMETHING ELSE. Get some pussy, smoke some weed, read a book, play some basketball, do SOMETHING. Then maybe you’ll realize gaming is not all there is to life, and you and your hardcore and casual titles don’t matter. Now type your juvenile reply while I take my beautiful family to the park to enjoy this crisp, late-winter day. :)

    #25 4 years ago
  26. Ireland Michael

    @23 Yes, Mass Effect 2 is an RPG.

    @25 *gives you a cookie* Well said.

    #26 4 years ago
  27. DSB

    @22 Christ! Long live relativism eh? “Everything I say makes sense, as long as there is no sense”.

    Most hack and slashes are also labelled RPGs, champ. That doesn’t exactly make them Baldur’s Gate.

    You’re just babbling right now. Several hack and slashes have utilized cooldowns. It’s not exactly some exclusive, magical gameplay trait that turns everything into a deep tactical RPG by virtue of its mere inclusion.

    As far as I recall Baldur’s Gate didn’t use cooldowns, so is that a hack and slash? You’re completely confused about what makes an RPG an RPG right now.

    You can always argue the different kinds of RPGs, but a tactical (or classical, if you will) RPG still needs a genuine focus on tactics to fit the bill. In Dragon Age you had to actually outsmart your enemies and pick your punches. This time you run up to them and press any button between 1 and 5.

    The fact that that isn’t as glaringly obvious to you as it is to everyone else just makes you look like a troll. Or in the best case, someone who’s badly misguided as to what he’s actually talking about.

    #27 4 years ago
  28. Erthazus

    @guapo, another one with great assumprions about my life. I love the internet. They sure know the problems of other person.

    Hey, ok, i will get a life, but you should grow a dick you know? Because i clearly see that you don’t have one being here at the INTERNET.

    If you don’t have nothing clever to say then get out of here and enjoy Dragon Age II. No one stops you. You can think that bioware made a super awesome RPG. If it is your second RPG in your life then OK.

    Here i speak with people who know something about gaming.

    you? Don’t know about it almost nothing. Call yourself a gamer a king or whatever, no one cares.

    “you talk about witcher2 and shogun but we ALL know it’s just a matter of time before you’re on this site complaining about those games too”

    If they are bad i will. Absolutely.

    #28 4 years ago
  29. Ireland Michael

    Feel free to name one.

    #29 4 years ago
  30. Erthazus

    @Michael, a very bad one. I agree 100%

    #30 4 years ago
  31. aleph31

    @Erth, @DSB, are you really serious about the game being so dumb? Is it not possible to configure the difficult level to make it more tactics-oriented?

    I was sold on this game, and was desperately waiting for it, is it really so bad?

    #31 4 years ago
  32. Ireland Michael

    That was directed @27

    Also, the fact that you think an opinion being more popular makes it more valid or correct says it all, really…

    @28 You seem to be under the delusions that I am trying to “prove” something about my knowledge of gaming. I don’t need to. I *know* I know more about it than you. I *know* I have a better appreciation for the great diversity of the hobby than you. If and I *know* without any unquestionable certainty that I understand the art of game design than you.

    You’re a rating fanboy. Nothing more.

    #32 4 years ago
  33. Erthazus

    @aleph31, Difficulty here is:

    1) enemy have now more HP
    2) you take much more damage.

    I can’t call this…. Tactics…

    #33 4 years ago
  34. DSB

    Torchlight, Depths of Peril, Diablo II, Titan Quest. That’s what a minute of google searches got me. I’m not an asian kid – Do your own homework Michael.

    @aleph31 Tactics are obviously what you make of it, but in terms of the original Dragon Age the combat has been stripped in favor of fancy combat animations and horde slaughter.

    Try out the demo and decide for yourself. There’s obviously a lot of disagreement on what it has become.

    #34 4 years ago
  35. Erthazus

    ” I *know* I know more about it than you. I *know* I have a better appreciation for the great diversity of the hobby than you. If and I *know* without any unquestionable certainty that I understand the art of game design than you. ”

    yeap, we all here already “Experienced” how you know much about RPG and Hack and slash genre.

    that is already classified as a lack of knowledge for everything you just said,
    Also, you know shit about the art o game design. If you enjoy jumping with Move (dildo) and writing shitty stories on your site, that does not mean that you know much more then the others.

    Also, you are delusional. as always and i’m not the only one who say this.

    #35 4 years ago
  36. aleph31

    shit, don’t know what will happen then with MA3 and Skyrim…

    Bioware/Bethesda, there is a community of gamers who like big challenges and good stories, please at least allow the games to be configured so they are not for retards (and no, I don’t want mods, I want the game to be a good game from start)

    #36 4 years ago
  37. Ireland Michael

    @34 Those are all full blown RPGs, so I fail to see your point.

    #37 4 years ago
  38. Moonwalker1982

    @ Erthazus

    Nope ME2 certainly wasn’t my first RPG, i’ve been a fan of RPGs for a long long time. Its my favorite genre now but i just didn’t have any problems with the dialog at all. Sure it was too bad that they made the game more casual and took out RPG stuff. They have promised to bring those back in ME3, i hope they keep that promise.

    #38 4 years ago
  39. Rain

    Day one buy.Bioware games are always great.

    #39 4 years ago
  40. Zurtech


    Here’s a good video to show off what to expect in the differences between difficulties. And remember the PC version plays very much like DA:O and NWN, only with a different camera perspctive. In the video he also says importing save files from DA:O, what sort of impact choices have to the story and companions and various other handy bits of info along with some nice gameplay walkthroughs and comparisons.

    #40 4 years ago
  41. Ireland Michael

    @35 You calling someone else delusional is a bit like George Bush criticising another president for doing a bad job.

    #41 4 years ago
  42. Erthazus

    “Those are all full blown RPGs, so I fail to see your point.”

    Speechless :D

    You don’t even know what is RPG to begin with. – look at the genre asshole. You will find something interesting.

    @Moonwalker, i agree with you 100%. If they will return to oldschool then Mass Effect can be an absolutely incredible experience, but for now you can’t play it more then 1-2 times.

    #42 4 years ago
  43. Ireland Michael

    @42 If Wikipedia says it, clearly it must be true.

    Diablo is a hack and slash RPG.

    It’s not my issue if you can’t understand the basic concept of diversity.

    #43 4 years ago
  44. Erthazus

    Read what is HACK And Slash GENRE ASS!

    Hack and slash genre have RPG elements to begin with. But that does not mean that it is R P G !

    Can your brain understand that? If not, you need some serious help. Oh no,no,no…

    Wikipedia… LIES… ALL LIES!!11One

    #44 4 years ago
  45. Joe Anderson

    @1 Your wrong, been playing for a week and its awesome.

    #45 4 years ago
  46. Erthazus

    Man, so Call Of Duty is RPG too…

    Killstreaks, weaponry, Perks, customization, Level progression.

    I think we should STOP calling call Of duty a First Person Shooter.
    Ok, from this day i will call it an RPG game.

    What i’m trying to say @Michael, is that not every game that have RPG elements in it is RPG.
    Games that DSB listed are hack and slash games, but they have RPG elements in them. Like inventory or skills.

    i’m done here. Need to play a bit more DAO2 and get back to work for a bit.

    #46 4 years ago
  47. Ireland Michael

    @44 It has far more than just RPG “elements”. The RPG aspect of the game is just as imporimportant as the hacking and slashing. It’s still an RPG.

    Your ability to arguing completely meaningless semantics is astounding.

    #47 4 years ago
  48. RockTwist


    #48 4 years ago
  49. aleph31

    @Zurtech, thx, I’ll have a look a it later. I’ll also try the demo, let’s see…

    But I’m one of those who thinks that Morrowind >> Oblivion, ME1 >> ME2 etc., and the people with similar POVs are throwing shit about DA2.

    I was blindly going to buy this. Now I will probably be orphaned again, thanks Bioware…

    #49 4 years ago
  50. RockTwist

    @49 I loved Morrowind and found Oblivion ok. I enjoyed the Dragon Age 2 demo. Really is just up to personal tastes. Play all the demo, some of it is exaggerated in a story by the dwarf.

    #50 4 years ago
  51. DSB

    @40 Could you explain why that’s not the case with the PC demo? I played 60+ hours of Dragon Age: Origins and I thought the combat system was massively dumbed down.

    @37 Alright, now that you’re obviously trolling, I don’t have to waste my time on this :P

    Just maybe consider what you’re saying next time you call someone an idiot for actually formulating an opinion, rather than simply adapting your views to incite others for cheap thrills. Sad!

    #51 4 years ago
  52. DSB

    If you own a gaming PC, you’re orphaned already aleph31. Bioware were just the rich parents that pretended to care for 5 minutes, then kicked you to the curb to pursue a rich oil contract somewhere in the Sudan.

    Be strong. Fistbump.

    #52 4 years ago
  53. RockTwist

    @51 I’m assuming #40 meant because there’s only auto attack on PC the same as DA:O.

    #53 4 years ago
  54. DSB

    Or rather. Seek comfort knowing that the man with a Valve in his eye watches over you from above. Blessed be his Steam.

    Although something tells me that they’re not done with their console venture either…

    #54 4 years ago
  55. Zurtech

    @ DSB

    Np, I’ve played about 6 play throughs of DA:O each about 40+ hrs I’d guess.

    The combat mechanics is the same as DA:O as Bioware say in that video, they coded separate versions for the console and PC titles. They said this was due to the console version needing a form of auto-lock on targeting for mobs in front of the player, whereas the PC controls are standard space to pause and pre-set ye next attack per squad member, and single click mechanics that trigger the auto-attacks. The only difference for the auto attacks is they have a very short wait time before the next animation and dice roll takes place to hit mobs. They’ve also said that the cooldown timers on the hotkey spells and abilities are generally longer than they were on DA:O to stop this removing the tactical aspect of the game. The PC version isn’t even compatible with a controller and Bioware have said they’re not going to add support as this would mean re-writing the entire code for PC and would most likely break the existing system.
    They also said that Hawke and each companion has an exclusive spell tree tailored to their character as well as the 4-5 individual class specific trees, each tree has within it new spells to be mapped to the hotkeys as well as passive abilities and upgrades for each spell and ability.
    With regards to difficulty, Bioware ahve said that normal is basically the same as easy in DA:O, and then the AI and so on goes up per difficulty setting with nightmare, needing you to control your entire party and has friendly fire turn on so those who really want to work out tactics will have to do so, not just from mage spells, but now from specific rogue/ranger spells as well as the new Two-handed sword mechanics (swinging a two-handed sword does an AoE arc where it’s animation passed, which makes sense).
    Anyway, aye, other than that the combat mechanics are basically the same on PC as the first game as they most likely ported the code over then edited it given the game was made on an updated engine of the original if memory recalls.

    #55 4 years ago
  56. NeoSquall

    @Ireland Michael: leave them be. You won’t change them.

    Nobody can.

    #56 4 years ago
  57. NeoSquall

    Zurtech, I mean it for you, too. Leave them be.

    #57 4 years ago
  58. Zurtech


    Sorry, I just find it rude to ignore people if they ask me a question. ^_^

    #58 4 years ago
  59. Ireland Michael

    @56 I honestly couldn’t care less if I changed someone’s opinion or not. I’m not sharing it because I expect them to understand me or agree with me.

    If I wanted validation for my opinions, the internet would certainly be the last place I’d be looking for it.

    #59 4 years ago
  60. aleph31

    It doesn’t get a bad score, 7 is ok, and that site is rather non-bowing-to-big-editors…

    #60 4 years ago
  61. Ireland Michael

    A review taken from a site I’m part of says it far better than I could.

    “Depending on the difficulty you play on combat can be approached very differently. On easier difficulties it’s totally possible to leave the AI to control the other characters, concentrating on Hawke, but to me that isn’t very interesting.

    No matter how much the trailers may want to pretend otherwise this is nothing like a third person action game, and so the end result is if you play that way you’ll spend a lot of time hammering on the attack button watching the health of the enemy chip away in tiny, unsatisfying chunks.

    Swinging your sword just isn’t all that effective. Some special moves look amazing, but on the whole there’s a disconnect between how awesomely hard Hawke’s swings look and how much damage it inflicts on enemies, even at higher levels. That’s just the nature of this game – it’s based on dice rolls. Because of that, I recommend everyone plays this game properly – and that’s on a harder difficulty.

    With the difficulty cranked up you’ll be forced to micro-manage your party a lot more and everything becomes more reminiscent of Dragon Age: Origins.”

    #61 4 years ago
  62. Fin

    EG went with 8

    #62 4 years ago
  63. aleph31

    So it seems that nightmare mode is a more interesting approach…

    @Erth/@DBA, have you tried nightmare mode?

    On the other side, what about the story? Is it also simplistic like ME2 (friend-collecting and little else)?

    #63 4 years ago
  64. DSB

    I don’t really care if people want to relate to me rather than my opinions. I can only really see that as an obvious shortcoming on their part.

    Personally I think it’s a bit more mature to be specific about what you mean, than sticking your fingers in your ear, and pretending that there’s no such thing as hack and slash gameplay.

    Not gonna waste more time on that.

    Thanks for the rare intelligent response Zurtech. I’m reinstalling the demo to see if they did hide the game in the higher difficulties. I don’t really see the point in hiding the core of the game behind something labelled “Advanced”, but if that’s where I have to go, that’s where I have to go. I usually assume that normal really means normal.

    #64 4 years ago
  65. Bendu – 8/10
    Joystick – 4/5
    CVG – 9.0 – 94 %
    RPGSite – 80 %
    GamePro – 4/5
    Gamezone – 8/10
    Strategyinformer – 8.5/10
    IGN (UK) – 8.5/10
    RPG Fan – 88 %
    Videogamer – 7 /10
    Bit Tech – 7/10
    GameStar – 87 %
    PC GAmes – 88 % 82 % 8/10 (PC) 7/10 (Consoles) – 8.5

    #65 4 years ago
  66. Ireland Michael

    @64 I never said there was no such thing as hack and slash, you brain-dead idiot. I said it doesn’t stop those games from being RPGs at their core.

    Dragon Age 2, whether you like to believe it or not, *does* have the exact same gameplay system as the original. It’s the exact same cool-down based micro-management system as the first game. Cooldowns have been shifted around to balance things – some are shorter, some are longer, but it still has *all* the same mechanics as the original.

    *All* of them. This isn’t opinion. This is a fact.

    That does not make it a hack and slash. Every single RPG element that appeared in the original appears in the sequel. The console version doesn’t have auto-attack, but that’s about it.

    The demo doesn’t let you change the difficulty.

    Normal is normal. Hard is challenging. That’s the way it should be. Changing the difficulty level was one of my very first things I mentioned.

    #66 4 years ago
  67. RockTwist

    If anyone wants to try the PC demo with character gen and difficulty choices, someone posted a mod on the official forums to activate both:

    #67 4 years ago
  68. DSB

    @66 Michael – Not gonna indulge you. Go fuck yourself.

    #68 4 years ago
  69. Ireland Michael

    @68 Hahahaha!

    Of course you won’t. That would require you to deal with actual basic facts instead of living in the soothing comfort of your own personal ego.

    You’re the most blindingly opinionated person I’ve ever seen on this site bar Erth. It wouldn’t be so bad if your regular diatribes weren’t all grounded in blanket cynicism and the need to view almost everything in a negative light.

    You’re an outdated gamer, stuck in the past, and you won’t be missed by those of us who keep moving forward with the hobby, instead of living in the rose-tinted summer of 1998.

    A cookie for you if you get the relevance of that date.

    #69 4 years ago
  70. spiderLAW

    Wow. I have never seen DSB get so angry before. Not even when going at it with Erth.

    #70 4 years ago
  71. DSB

    Really Michael, I have no interest in indulging wannabe games “journalists” who spend most of their time spitting childish insults, or lecturing others on how arrogant and/or ignorant they are, purely because they can’t handle someone disagreeing them. And sadly, more often that not, without making even semblance of an argument to advance the conversation.

    Do you have even a shred of selfawareness? Now’s the time to activate it.

    I’m a highly critical person, I subscribe to skepticism over psychofantism, and I miss the way gaming used to be. That really shouldn’t be such a threat to you.

    @70 When things get to that level, it can’t really make me angry, I’m just kinda setting a limit to what kind of kindergarde nonsense I’ll justify with a response :P

    Michael apparently misses TEA so much he’s become the guy.

    #71 4 years ago
  72. Ireland Michael

    Oh no, a kid on the internet called me a wannabe.

    *goes and slits his wrists*

    “I’m a highly critical person, I subscribe to skepticism over psychofantism, and I miss the way gaming used to be. That really shouldn’t be such a threat to you.”

    *hands you a pair of rose tinted glasses*

    Have fun in the past. You’re a cheap relic that won’t be missed.

    I’m more than capable of criticism myself. There’s a point where you step well over the line of criticism and into blind, unjustified cynicism. You’re about 50 miles past that line.

    #72 4 years ago
  73. spiderLAW

    @71 I see. so you arent angry, just not willing to give into arrogance.

    Are we certain this is the same Michael O’Connor?
    He has never called me a fanboy before and in the DmC thread, he did. And that’s after countless times of him mentioning that the term Fanboy has lost its meaning and at the time he called me one I hadn’t made a comment that would indicate me being one what-so-ever. I’m starting to think he might be bipolar or something.

    #73 4 years ago
  74. DSB

    Well, I’m shocked either way spider. That’s pretty low brow, even for VG247. And really I’m kinda sad that I already spent so much time on it. Care to discuss some games? :P

    #74 4 years ago
  75. Ireland Michael

    @73 Yes, this is Michael. Scout’s honour.

    I never said fanboy has lost it meaning. Not sure where you got that assumption from. I said that most people don’t use the term accurately anymore.

    You’re a Devil May Cry fanboy. Your opinion of the franchise blinds you to the possibilities. And I find your opinion of Ninja Theory to be little more than ignorance.

    Just because you’re usually one of the smartest people on here doesn’t mean I’m not going to call out your opinion if I think is bullshit.

    #75 4 years ago
  76. DSB

    You see, Michael isn’t arrogant or ignorant. He’s just right. All the time.

    #76 4 years ago
  77. Ireland Michael

    @76 I’m a kettle. And you’re a really black pot.

    #77 4 years ago
  78. spiderLAW

    Sure. Which game are you getting next and for what console? or PC?
    I was thinking of getting Crysis 2 for PC but I haven’t really seen much of it that has made me say “Must get!” Homefront, I’m staying clear of till bargain prices. Looks like Mortal Kombat might be the next game i try, unless you have any recommendations for any recent PC games.

    #78 4 years ago
  79. DSB

    @78 Topic dude, topic! I already preordered Crysis 2 though. Homefront is a pass, Bulletstorm is disqualifed on DRM, and Dragon Age 2 is looking shaky.

    @77 Oh, the irony.

    #79 4 years ago
  80. spiderLAW

    I’m not even a DMC Fanboy. I haven’t played #2 or finished #3. I only played all of part 1 and part 4. I have, however, played 3 NT games, one game being from when they were Just Add Monsters and I wasn’t impressed with any of them. They were all decent games but nothing worth me parading around acting like they are amazing developers. They are young developers that have yet to make a game that makes their name stand out in a good way.

    #80 4 years ago
  81. spiderLAW

    Oh. Well my cousin was involved in making the game of topic and well, I try to stay away from anything that side of the family has to offer. It’s a long story that I am not really directly involved in but aye, whatever’s clever.
    However, it does look like a cool game and I have heard great things about #1 and Origins.

    So Crysis 2 is it then huh? Well, I guess I’ll give it a go. I need to show some love to my PC. Its been about a month since it saw any gaming action and I can feel it’s lonely heart.

    #81 4 years ago
  82. Ireland Michael

    @79 Someone doesn’t understand how to use the word irony correctly. Alanis Morissette would be proud.

    @80 I have too, and while Enslaved’s mechanics were simple, Heavenly Sword’s were sublime and some of the best I’ve ever seen in spectacle fighter genre.

    #82 4 years ago

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