Leaked shots show new, Kinect-compatable 360 dashboard

Wednesday, 14th July 2010 09:30 GMT By Johnny Cullen

new Xbox dashboard

Logic-Sunrise has posted what appear to be leaked shots of a new Xbox 360 dashboard built around Kinect.

The motion tech is set to release in November.

The shots contain the name used for Kinect before its reveal at E3 last month; there’s a feature in the options menu called “Natal Tuner.”

If these turn out to be real, this would be the first big facelift to the 360 dashboard since the introduction of the New Xbox Experience in November 2008.

Big stuff. Sounds like this may well be a gamescom reveal.

We’ll contact MS now.



  1. chronoss2

    i’m not bying this to control my dashboard with, i need hardcore games!

    #1 5 years ago
  2. Blerk

    Looks…. remarkably like the old dashboard.

    #2 5 years ago
  3. freedoms_stain

    Is anything actually different?

    #3 5 years ago
  4. AHA-Lambda

    why does it say natal tuner instead of kinect?

    #4 5 years ago
  5. soqquatto

    compatible, with an i

    #5 5 years ago
  6. Crysis

    @4, cuz that was it’s codename & this was planned before the name unveiling

    #6 5 years ago
  7. cookiejar

    Looks even worse than it already is. The bottom one with the mini guide looks like a cheap Photoshop.

    #7 5 years ago
  8. justiceblob

    I can’t decide whether I like it. I agree the mini guide looks disgusting, but I like the more boxy panels.

    And in the end, this is only an exciting announcement if it brings new features.

    #8 5 years ago
  9. theevilaires

    LMAO first it was HDMI,and High Def player add-on. Then it was built in wifi and a piano black console. Now its a fake XMB. Do these people have no shame. Just copy and copy and charge for online really is working for them I guess.

    #9 5 years ago
  10. Blerk

    What are you on about, you loon? This is the current 360 dash with some wonky bits pasted on the top. And it looks nothing like the XMB. Have you not used yours yet? :-D

    #10 5 years ago
  11. theevilaires

    :D I heard it was suppose to be similar to the XMB. I’ve seen video of it some where in action but I can’t remember where :D

    #11 5 years ago
  12. Tonka

    The smileys makes your conversation.

    #12 5 years ago
  13. daytripper

    @11 there is no such video

    #13 5 years ago
  14. theevilaires

    Think I saw it in a dream. Tonka shut it! :D

    #14 5 years ago
  15. daytripper

    the nxe and xmb are fine the way they are, template wise anyway, just add more customization for the player like better themes and colour options thats all. :-D

    #15 5 years ago
  16. justiceblob

    I actually prefer NXE to XMB, I think XMB seems a bit clnically, like its to serve a purpose and nothing else, whereas I find NXE to be more interactive and personal.

    Yes, I confess I am half hardcore and half casual, but remember, variety is the spice of life :-D

    #16 5 years ago
  17. daytripper

    “variety is the spice of life” so are you into chimp porn and things like that?

    #17 5 years ago
  18. justiceblob

    Simply, yes

    #18 5 years ago
  19. cookiejar

    For me, NXE is ugly and laggy. I liked the old dashboard actually, i’d swoosh that thing back and forth all day.

    XMB is simple, and does it’s job. And the sparkles put me in a daze <3

    #19 5 years ago
  20. Gheritt White

    I liked the Mega Drive’s dash the best, personally.

    #20 5 years ago
  21. Aimless

    I think it looks a bit nicer and isn’t as inexplicably blue as the current one. It’s hard to say whether it’ll actually make it easier to browse and discover content, though.

    #21 5 years ago
  22. Dralen

    Microsoft seem to be pushing the dashboard control of Kinect more than the actual games.

    #22 5 years ago
  23. Boris Fett

    Didn’t they already show off the new dashboard at the E3 conference? I’m calling fake on this, or a really early beta.

    #23 5 years ago
  24. cookiejar

    @23 They did show the Kinect interface, which will be a totally separate thing for people who have Kinect. The current dashboard will stay for everyone else.

    They will probably tart up the look of the thing when Kinect ships, to keep it all under the same look, but those shots look more or less the same, if a tad worse than what’s there now.

    #24 5 years ago
  25. Gheritt White

    Oh man, I just saw more pics over on Kotaku. If they roll this dash out to all users and not just Kinect owners, I think I really will up sticks and move to PS3.

    I bought an X360 because I wanted a core-focused console, not some family entertainment hub.

    #25 5 years ago
  26. Blerk

    Heh heh, possibly over-reacting a little there, Gherritt? It’s just the dash, it’s not a lifestyle choice. :-D

    I think most of that stuff you see on Kotaku is only for people who buy the ‘Gold family pack’ thing.

    #26 5 years ago
  27. The Hindle

    @25 Buy a Ps3 anyway, it amazes me that people will stay to one console if youre a true gamer you will have both.

    #27 5 years ago
  28. Gheritt White

    @ 27: Nobody gave me the seeds for a money tree that I suppose all “true gamers” have at the bottom of their garden.

    I spend less than eight hours gaming per week, so purchasing a second console just hasn’t made any financial sense so far.

    Plus, I hate the DualShock 3.

    #28 5 years ago
  29. The Hindle

    :D ahh i see, well if you only game for 8 hours then id say the 360 is the wrong choice seeing how its mainly online gaming based etc.

    #29 5 years ago
  30. Blerk


    #30 5 years ago
  31. Gheritt White

    I don’t play any of my games online – the sole exceptions being Tekken, Soul Calibur and the odd bit of Texas Hold’Em.

    I find the X360 well suited to my single-player needs, especially with games like Mass Effect and Fable. Even Halo, I only play that for the campaign (which is why I was so disappointed by Halo 3 and am looking forward to Reach).

    #31 5 years ago
  32. The Hindle

    Ahh i see, I think there is more Ps3 games on the single player side then the 360 now it depends on your taste but i find:

    Resistance 1+2
    Heavy rain
    God of war 3
    KZ 2
    Edit Valkryia chronicles
    and Demon Souls

    In my opinion all these have amazing single players. aside from ME and Fable and Halo i dont think there is many on the 360.

    #32 5 years ago
  33. Boris Fett

    @24 They way they phrased it, it sounds like they were claiming that this *was* the Kinect Interface. Which boggled my mind.

    If this is just an update to the standard dashboard… I like it. It’s not much different, but the colours are brighter and easier on the eyes. I’m more interested to see how it *moves* though. Mainly whether it’s faster or not.

    People should take a lot at that link again. The site has received a infringement notice from Microsoft, so in all probability this is real.

    #33 5 years ago
  34. Blerk

    I’m struggling to think of any 360 games without a single-player campaign.

    #34 5 years ago
  35. cookiejar

    I don’t think there are any.

    Ironically, the PS3 has quite a few itself.

    EDIT: Battlefield 1943. :D

    #35 5 years ago

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