Red Steel 3 will happen “if we have an audience”, says director

Wednesday, 19 May 2010 10:08 GMT By Johnny Cullen


Red Steel 2 director Jason Vandenberghe has said a sequel will happen for the series, but only if it will “have an audience”.

Speaking with ONM during development of RS2, Vandenberghe said: “Hopefully we’ll roll into the next project and start building something even cooler than what we’ve accomplished with this game, but first we need to understand if we even have an audience.

“How many people want to play a game where you stand up and swing your arm vigourously? We think the answer is ‘a lot,” he adds. ” But some cold, hard facts never hurt the situation when pitching the next project.”

His comments come as Ubisoft’s financials last night confirmed that Red Steel 2 was performing in line with the firm’s expectations. Maybe Red Steel 3 is coming after all.

Maybe not as soon as this, mind.

The game was released in late March for Wii.