EA: Respawn creating own IPs, not Battlefield or Medal of Honor

Monday, 12th April 2010 19:09 GMT By Johnny Cullen


EA Games boss Frank Gibeau has made it pretty clear what the stance is on Respawn Entertainment are making from the EA side of things: new IPs, nothing from existing shooters from the publisher.

Speaking with Kotaku following this afternoon’s announcement of the formation of the new studio, created by ex-Infinity Ward bosses Vince Zampella and Jason West, asked if would be going anywhere near Medal of Honor or Battlefield, Gibeau said:

“That’s not an option.

“These guys are about pursuing their own IP. Internal to EA, we’ve got some incredible development and franchise happening with Medal of Honor and Battlefield. This is an EA Partners deal .., these guys have no roles in those franchises.”

Zampella said the developer hasn’t “decided what the game’s going to be yet, what the IP’s going to be. But we think that’s a good thing for us and our creative process.”

Respawn will maintain full control over intellectual properties it will create under the partnership with EA Partners, which will have publishing and distribution rights to its games for the foreseeable future.

Zampella has already said that creating the new studio was “daunting and exciting”, adding today was “a total reset”.

Meanwhile, at the formal reveal for Crytek’s Crysis 2 last week in New York, EA Partners boss David DeMartini told VG247’s Patrick Garratt that Infinity Ward’s creative team had “blown up”, citing the developer of this year’s Call of Duty title Treyarch as the “b-team”.

Activision, on the other hand, is in “we told you so” mode: it says the move comes as “no surprise” to the firm “given the myriad of improper activities” detailed by the firm in its countersuit to Ward and Zampella, who are suing the firm for $36 million and control of the Modern Warfare IP, on Friday.



  1. markclapham

    I await their bold new IP, Shooty War Soldier Man.

    #1 5 years ago
  2. AlmightyDogbert

    EA should get them together with DICE to make battlefront 3.
    Come on, it will sell more than COD.. it’s freaking star wars!

    DO IT NOW.

    I await their new IP

    #2 5 years ago
  3. fdelfino

    I only wish it’ll surpass the creative storytelling of MW2.

    #3 5 years ago
  4. DeSpiritusBellum

    Man, at least the newsbloggers get something to post about. So far all I’m seeing is “talk, threat, boast, lawsuit, talk”.

    None of that produces games, however. Wake me up when we get there, eh?

    @2 Zampella and West annihilated DICE at their own game, why on earth would they want to work with the losing team?

    They’re gonna headhunt whoever they think is worth saving from Infinity Ward, and then they’re gonna put together whatever team they like. I think it’s safe to say that EA won’t be clamping down on their expenditures.

    #4 5 years ago
  5. AlmightyDogbert

    DICE and iw produce very different games and DICE are picking up the pieces and are starting to get back on track to being dominant or on-par, especially when battlefield 3 comes about.

    #5 5 years ago
  6. Goliath

    If EA thinks these two can replicate the success they had with Call of Duty, they’re kidding themselves. This is poor forecasting again by EA. No wonder the board has to question the ability of the CEO to run the ship. I see another Pandemic on the horizon.

    #6 5 years ago
  7. DeSpiritusBellum

    @5 I’ll believe it when I see it. BC2 was fun, but it was so full of bad design decisions that should’ve been addressed. Aside from the Battlefield games, DICE have never really excelled, and I doubt they’re truly better than that.

    You’re right, they are different games, but they’re both aiming for the exact same audience. That’s why DICE started the Bad Company franchise and introduced campaigns in the first place.

    #7 5 years ago
  8. Erthazus

    @7 oh, shut up troll. If they are bad, then they could change it since Battlefield 2, but it is now a standard for multiplayer videogames.

    #8 5 years ago
  9. AlmightyDogbert


    Call of duty franchise is far far more successful, but battlefield is pulling very good sales and more importantly growth. DICE is also hard at work on a very interesting frostbite engine and work to improve those gameplay mechanics it’s started, as well as the higher player counts like it did back in the day

    I feel modern warfare cannot replicate it’s success especially with recent events. It will still attain very good sales, most liekly more than battlefield and medal of honour but will not sastify gamers nearly as much as the preceeding titles. Meanwhile, DICE is constantly improving whilst bending to be more appealing to COD players.

    I am probably wrong in saying Battlefield will be dominant but I think EA is on course to be course to take the fps crowd from Acti with COD starting to fail and EA having battlefield, crysis and Medal of honour.

    #9 5 years ago
  10. AlmightyDogbert


    Care to explain in greater detail the “bad design decisions that should’ve been addressed” and why they have never excelled?

    Battlefield 2 and battlefield bad company 2 have amazing multiplayer especially when played tactically with friends which for many people is greater experience than playing COD, even if this doesn’t show in sales.

    DICE is constantly developing their games with destruction and large scale warfare and I can only see them improving this while the call of duty franchise stagnates.

    #10 5 years ago
  11. DeSpiritusBellum

    @8 Telling people to shut up in a comment section is really bright. As opposed to you, I argue my case. You’re free to counter, but at this point I don’t expect that much from you. Keep up the good work, you’re a real asset.

    @9,10 That’s an awful lot of questions. I respect what you’re saying though, and I’m gonna try to take it from the top:

    BC2 isn’t performing badly, and some people certainly do love it. I think that’s a credit to what works in the game, and it has certainly fully justified itself in that respect.

    I’m not argueing against peoples right to love BC2, I’m just saying that it’s a pretty flawed design for a AAA-production, all the same.

    I have no insight in DICE except for the games they make. I played BF2 a lot, I even paid the outrageous price for the Special Forces expansion, and that legacy is one of the things that makes me disappointed in BC2. It’s basically the same game, with a few adjustments. You talk of stagnation, while MW2 is only two renditions into the franchise. DICE have had the better part of a decade to perfect their formula, and they’ve done so awfully little with it.

    It has “destructible environments” which I find pretty annoying, although it might be down to poor balancing of the system. I don’t think it’s fun to have five guys firing explosives at you when you’re trying to take cover. To me that’s Team Fortress 2 antics, not a military style shooter. The whole problem is amplified by the fact that DICE have made their weapons completely unrealistic in terms of standard dispersion and response (recoil) on top of outrageous player health, so people are choosing the easy way, namely lots and lots of explosives, adding to my quarrel. If guns were that useless in real life, most engagements would be happening at 20 yards or less. It would be Napoleanic warfare.

    Add to that a lot of smaller problems like lousy graphics, invasive fog on every level (possibly to hide the graphics?) a completely horrendous interface, slow authentication, antiquated server browser and a lot of bugs that are so common, they really should have been picked up during testing.

    Things like that just doesn’t inspire a lot of faith in DICE for me. And the problem is, it’s like that every game with them. If you take Mirror’s Edge, it was a freakshow of unintuitive controls and a general lack of understanding of what gameplay should enable you to do.

    The tragic part is, most of their games could’ve been great. I played Rallisport Challenge (which is a DICE game according to Wikipedia?) and I still consider it the most fun rally game out there, but it still smacked you with annoying bugs and things that just should’ve worked better all the time.

    That’s why I say they’re an average game developer that does everything well enough, but not a lot very well.

    #11 5 years ago
  12. AlmightyDogbert

    Opinions, each to their own.

    I do agree with a few of your points such as those based around the general smog. I’ve never been bothered with any bugs or explosive over-use or guns being useless or the graphics. It’s certainly not fantastic, playing by myself I can find it boring even, but I throughly enjoy it with a couple of I met on the games forums.
    Battlefield 2 may well have been better, but their run on consoles have been a bit of a trial of new things that could develop into great features, like the destruction, thus the reason why Battlefield 3 [could] be brillant.
    Modern warfare, I feel will stagnate because of the constriction of the creative talent at infinity ward and that they are unlikely to make changes to the core fundamental gameplay so it will be more of the same, what changes they made with modern warfare 2 have been good and bad. Weapons were/are unbalanced and their still are some noticable expolits, but they did work on reducing grenade spam (as much as they could) and making far more varied maps. So more of that, might not work so well. – but it could easily be successful since a LOT of people don’t seem to care about what’s inside the box, just the title.

    Tbh, ^^ all of the above really doesn’t matter a great deal. People might not like Battlefield, because it has problems and fundamental differences. However, other games in the EA line-up especially MOH may cause more of ‘that’ fps crowd to fall to EA.

    #12 5 years ago
  13. Erthazus

    @11 i’m telling you to shut up because you basically trolling. We talked about this and you still trolling that they are not good.

    With the stuff like this:
    *invasive fog on every level (possibly to hide the graphics?)*

    I can’t respond to you, because it’s just plain stupid when this is a standard direct X9 effect and they are trying to hide the graphics. You want me to make a screenshot of Battlefield:Bad Company 2 on max graphics? It’s a Crysis on High settings, not ultra. But every detal and texture is in high quality.

    *their weapons completely unrealistic in terms of standard dispersion and response (recoil) on top of outrageous player health*

    Bullshit. you think that Modern Warfare is realistic? Owwwwwwwwwww…
    I will give you a little hint. Weapon mechanic is similar from ArmA 2 with few arcade stuff.
    Health? Play on hardcore servers. The reason is why it have big health, because it’s not an Urban Warfare mechanic where you have small maps and you need to find someone.
    If everybody could have little health, there would be a rifle fuckfest.
    you don’t even understand the balance.

    Then Mirrors Edge their probably first in many years singleplayer game and it is very innovative and still you have a hatred for DICE:

    *it was a freakshow of unintuitive controls and a general lack of understanding of what gameplay should enable you to do.* – and that is bullshit. Absolutely bullshit, i know that console suffered from this (maybe, i didn’t played it), but i played on PC and didn’t have any problems. No one have.

    Other stuff you are talking about is a lie or hatred. Thats it. Especially with servers, when there are no better system then Punkbuster and dedicated servers.

    @12 stop trying to talk with him. He just don’t like Battlefield series and like Modern Warfare. Thats it. He won’t admit that Battleifled:BC2 uses great formula since 2002 year. He is trying to troll every DICE news

    #13 5 years ago
  14. DeSpiritusBellum

    @12 I think you’re right about the next generation of CoD, but Infinity Ward is going to be Infinity Ward in name only. The competent guys from that company is going to get an invitation from West and Zampella.

    I don’t think the weapons in MW2 are unbalanced at all short of the ubiquitous noobtube, and I don’t see what the alternative is. BC2 has a far narrower choice of weapons, and those are so unbalanced that most people are only playing one of two classes (either nootuber AN94 or HK416, or M60 medic). I just don’t see the same thing when I play MW2, and I think that’s down to a more logical balance (Two basic levels of damage, low levels of dispersion).

    I think MW2 went with a platform that worked and just improved it with some more interesting killstreaks and perks, and some very competent map designs. The series hasn’t changed a lot, but it’s only gotten better, and personally I think it’s the most fun you can have with a multiplayer pvp shooter at the moment.

    I’m don’t really care about either publisher, they’re both just companies making money off other peoples creativity and trying to get as much out of you as possible. But I think the Medal of Honor franchise is as dead as it can get by now.

    #14 5 years ago
  15. DeSpiritusBellum

    @13 You’re the only one being an obnoxious fanboy in this comment section right now.

    I can respect a guy like Dogbert laying out his views as an adult, but I’m not going to justify your frothing posts by countering with actual arguments.

    Get a grip, man. You can read any professional review to have any of those critiques affirmed. DICE hasn’t gotten an aggregate rating from reviewers above 90% since Battlefield 2. Mirror’s Edge was barely rated 81%.

    Now do us all a favor and get a rabies shot, eh?

    (For the record I never called MW2 realistic. There are no realistic wargames or shooters on the market)

    #15 5 years ago
  16. Erthazus

    @15 There is. ArmA is a realistic shooter (kind of realistic.)

    And Halo games have scores like 94-97 and what? You are another everyday consumer that bought Modern Warfare game.
    And every professional reviewer have critiques about a singleplayer in Battlefield:BC2 OR… maybe a prooflink?

    *most people are only playing one of two classes (either nootuber AN94 or HK416, or M60 medic). * – bullshit. Or you need to see my clan tag what they use most of all? I can give you a clear picture that this is not a fact.

    and Killstreaks are awesome, one soldire after killing few people have an access to nuke or AC-130 and then it’s an arcade time. Interesting idea, i see.

    You talk too much and i never saw a prooflink on the unbalanced shit and e.t.c. Everytime you whine about something that was perfected since Battlefield 2. Prooflinks please.

    #16 5 years ago
  17. DeSpiritusBellum

    @16 Look. I’ve studied warfare for the better part of five years, reading everything from Sun Tzu to Grant and von Moltke, and I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt, there is nothing realistic about Operation Flashpoint, ArmA or Arma 2 except for the fact that it’s really really really bad.

    It’s a half-finished game posing as a military simulator, in spite of the AI not even being able to execute the most basic maneuvers used by modern militaries. Not even the firing animations applied are realistic. It’s a sham, and while I like playing with soldiers as much as the next guy, I still have the cognizance to know that much.

    They might be able to still sell a few copies to some loyal suckers, but if you think that’s realistic, then you don’t know the first thing about warfare.

    It’s obvious to me that you don’t know the first thing about anything we’ve been discussing, whether it’s networking or recognizing a broken game when you see one, so I think it’s pretty pointless to keep going with this.

    And I’m sorry if you find MW2 too hard, but a lot of people appreciate the challenge. The good players know how to avoid those killstreaks, and the good players are usually also the ones controlling them. If you can’t handle people being better than you like that, then don’t play a competitive online shooter. Certainly not one that actually challenges you like that.

    Either way I’m not gonna waste my time argueing with you. Rage on as much as you want, I really couldn’t care less.

    #17 5 years ago

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