Dragon Age player sues Gamestop for being “deceptively misleading”

Tuesday, 30 March 2010 16:10 GMT By Johnny Cullen

dragon age

Gamestop customer James Collins has decided he is going to sue the retailer over claims of false advertising, based on a second-hand copy he bought of Dragon Age: Origins.

Collins says he was misled by a copy of Origins because the box told him there would be free DLC included within the game.

The said DLC it mentions would have been a part of EA’s Project Ten Dollar scheme, but most of those codes would have been redeemed by now if they weren’t already from a second-hand game.

He went back to get back his money from Gamestop ($54.99), but was refused because the seven-day exchange window had closed. He then discovered he would have to have spend another $15 on it online for the DLC. Oops to you, sir.

Gamestop wouldn’t comment on the case.

Thanks, IGN.