Halo Wars: Strategic Options Add-on Pack now on Live

Tuesday, 19th May 2009 15:19 GMT By Stephany Nunneley


The Halo Wars: Strategic Options Add-on Pack is now available on Xbox Live.

It contains the three new game modes:  Keepaway which is a capture the flag game; Tug of War sees who can field and maintain the strongest army; and Reinforcements allows you to adapt your tactics with waves of troops.

The add-on will run you 800 MS Points ($10).

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  1. Tiger Walts

    For 800 I expect a map or two to be thrown in too.

    #1 6 years ago
  2. Lutz

    For 800 points I expect more units too.

    3 game types? Feck off.

    #2 6 years ago
  3. Psychotext


    #3 6 years ago
  4. Paavi

    I am most displeased.

    #4 6 years ago
  5. Lutz

    Ordinarily I’d bitch and moan, then buy it anyway.

    Not today. Think I’ll abstain and vote with my wallet on this one.

    3 new game types does not an 800pnts DLC make.

    #5 6 years ago
  6. TheTwelve

    Considering the size of the download, it’s probably just an unlock key too.


    #6 6 years ago

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