GDC: Microsoft discusses next Xbox with Blizzard

Thursday, 26th March 2009 08:21 GMT By Mike


Blizzard’s Rob Pardo has said that the company has been in talks with Microsoft about Xbox 360′s successor, Eurogamer writes.

Although no quote is given, Pardo reportedly said that Blizzard is actively in discussions with the Redmond giant whilst at the Luminaries Lunch at GDC yesterday.

The piece goes on to say that other developers attending the session have not had any such discussions with Microsoft.

Bombshell. More through the link.



  1. Blerk

    Wow, that rumour the other week was actually right? Amazing! :-D

    I’m curious as to why Microsoft would ever discuss the next chunk of hardware with Blizzard, though. What possible benefit would there be in doing that?

    #1 6 years ago
  2. coookiie

    Blerk… in my opinion, blizzard is the best developer period. Something about their games make it feel like crack. If MS does make a deal with blizzard for the next console, then its game over. I was a heavy warcraft III player along with starcraft.

    #2 6 years ago
  3. Blerk

    But Blizzard’s games are hardly hardware-busting. Why would they ever consult them over the machine itself?

    #3 6 years ago

    Oh yeah!!!

    The way I see it, this means 2 things.

    1. MS is far enough along the line of development on the next 360 to be confident enough to start talking about it to devs. So all of this talk about this being the last generation of consoles seems somewhat premature.
    2. I reckon they’re going to make sure that the hardware gives the best possible support for MMO’s such as WoW. We already know that MS changed the hardware in the 360 after discussions with Epic, so it looks like they’ve learned from this and are looking to make similar moves with the next console.

    This is BIG news.

    A new version of WoW as a launch title for the next Xbox would be absolutely huge for MS.

    #4 6 years ago

    They could also be going over things such as how the subscription fees might work, Blerk.

    (See what I did there?)

    #5 6 years ago
  6. Tonka

    But Pachter just said that there won’t be any more conslols.

    #6 6 years ago
  7. epic_wanderer

    The linked eurogamer article talks a lot about input devices and how traditional gamepads aren’t a fit for their any of their games.

    #7 6 years ago
  8. Shatner

    Nonsense. Blackthorne, Rock n Roll Racing and The Lost Vikings all work fine with gamepads.

    #8 6 years ago
  9. Blerk

    So they’re talking to Blizzard about adding a mouse and keyboard? :-D

    #9 6 years ago
  10. epic_wanderer

    A mouse and keyboard with analogue sticks and triggers.

    #10 6 years ago

    I’ve been told that MS won’t add M/K support for the 360 because of some legal definition that would turn it into a personal computer, which they don’t want.

    They could be considering options like making all controllers come with a chatpad-like qwerty keyboard… or maybe just adding more buttons… Or a Wii mote type thingy with a tracker ball… or a… Oh, it’s so exciting!

    #11 6 years ago
  12. jnms

    Anyone remember how long it was between when the first mentions of the 360 were heard, and when it was announced?

    #12 6 years ago

    Just over two years

    #13 6 years ago
  14. jnms

    Ok that’s pretty much what I thought.

    So I see it this way:

    1) Microsoft are talking with Blizzard about new ‘hardware’ as opposed to a new ‘console’. Something which will make a MMO much more usable on the 360. Microsoft get some exclusive deal on Blizzard’s next MMO – would be massive!

    a) This means no new consoles for a while, as discussed in the other comments.

    2) Microsoft are indeed working on a new console – which will have an exclusivity deal with Blizzard’s next MMO. This means Microsoft will have the hardcore console market sown up. i.e. Game Over for Sony – there’s no way Sony can afford to release a PS4 anywhere in the next few years and Microsoft know this.

    #14 6 years ago
  15. jnms

    Also, it will probably be between 2 and 3 years until Blizzard’s next MMO is out – so the timing is kinda right.

    #15 6 years ago
  16. Shatner

    You’re all wrong. It’s about Blackthorne coming to XBL.

    #16 6 years ago
  17. wz

    It’s mobile WoW for MS’s portable XBoy device.

    #17 6 years ago
  18. FireFly

    Oh shit……there’s spaces in Shatner’s sentences.

    #18 6 years ago
  19. Shatner

    Yeah. They’re going to do a news piece on it soon so that everyone can be properly informed.


    #19 6 years ago

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