It’s “time for madness”, Verbinski tells developers

By Patrick Garratt, Thursday, 7 February 2008 07:22 GMT


Speaking at DICE in Las Vegas, Gore Verbinski has urged developers to push the boundaries of innovation and asked why companies insist on “making another Halo” when there are “so many other places to go.”

“This is the time for madness,” he said in his conference keynote. “This is the time to go down dark alleys.”

Verbinski is best known for directing the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

“As you have success, the business model gathers data and focuses on those successes,” he said. “An empty canvas is a dangerous investment, but once a few dots are connected, the business model can and must connect to those early successes and follow them in an otherwise unguided terrain. Success creates followers. That landscape narrows, and we start to migrate along those paths at the expense of our explorer instinct.”

The director has a point. He warned the games industry off the film business model, in which creativity has collapsed under the weight of numbers.

Verbinski pointed to the film industry’s creative collapse, as the greenlight process became less and less instinct and more and more a numbers game.

“I think we can all agree that film narrative has become stifled and derivative as language is borrowed over and over,” he said.

DICE runs till Friday. Full article here.

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Gore Verbinski


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