Tom Clancy's End War

EndWar Veteran map pack hits PS3 and 360

A free Veteran map mack for Tom Clancy’s EndWar is now available on Live and PSN.This bit of DLC contains two battlefields, one at the Cosmodrome in Russia and the other at the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in Richton, Mississippi. Both are playable in skirmish mode.Per the original game, you can either take on the AI in this […]

12 years ago

Tom Clancy's End War headlines

  • Tom Clancy's End War VIP 360 demo is (finally) live

    Ubisoft has sent an email informing us that the Tom Clancy’s End War VIP 360 demo has finally gone live, and as a reward for your patience you get an extra VIP key for a friend. Isn’t that nice.“We apologize for the repeated delays on the EndWar VIP demo and we are pleased to confirm […]

    13 years ago
  • IGN End War blowout

    If Tom Clancy games are you bag and you’re training your biceps in anticipation for EndWar, then IGN has a developer walkthrough of the recent E3 trailer and a hands-on with the game. From the article:“There are a lot of real-time strategy games out or on the close horizon for consoles, but none of them […]

    13 years ago