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  • Plants vs. Zombies vs. cryptic images: PvZ 2 details on the way?

    Plants vs. Zombies, presumably the most popular piece of media ever about one incredibly fertile patch of soil’s bid to end the zombie apocalypse, could be getting ready to sprout a sequel, if an image released by PopCap is any indication.

  • iPhone Plants vs. Zombies rakes in $1 million in only nine days

    “So guys, get this: I had this awesome idea for an action-packed videogame. About gardening! Also, there’ll be zombies and bowling minigames and we’ll market it to a casual audience!” “Wait, what are you doing in the office? Didn’t we fire you?”

  • Plants vs. Zombies showing up on iPhone's doorstep February 15

    In less than one week, we’ll be able to play Plants vs. Zombies on a train, in a plane, in a box, with a fox, and in nearly every other not-so-Suessian location on the planet. Lord help us all.

  • GDC: Premium DLC planned for XBLA Peggle

    So says this. We hate Peggle, but we can’t ignore it, apparently, because everyone else thinks that watching a ball bounce around for hours on end is a good way to use what little life you own. So, begrudgingly, here’s some news about Peggle. The XBLA version of the PopCap game is supposedly going to […]

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