Nintendo Media Summit

No Wii successor “any time soon,” says Dunaway

Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s marketing head, has told Gamespot that a Wii follow-on will be “ready when the time is right,” but you shouldn’t be holding your breath just yet.

Nintendo Media Summit headlines

  • Nintendo Media Summit: Mario Galaxy 2 impressions round-up

    Following Nintendo’s confirmation of a May 23 release date for the American version of Super Mario Galaxy 2 last night, US journos were given the chance to play the game. Get everything so far after the break.

  • Nintendo offers specs for DSi XL with nice marketing video

    Nintendo has released a marketing video for DSi XL, showing off the size of it along with the stylus, and how the handheld looks a lot like the other DSi, only a bit fatter.

  • Screens - Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Nintendo has released some lovely screens for Super Mario Galaxy 2 following a bunch of goodies revealed for it during the company’s Media Summit earlier in the day.

  • Monster Hunter Tri - Screens, artwork, website and trailer blowout

    Capcom has released some screens and artwork for Monster Hunter Tri following today’s release date of April 20 at the Nintendo Media Summit in San Francisco.

  • PoP: The Forgotten Sands to include PoP Classic exclusively on Wii

    Nintendo has announced that Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands will include the 1992 classic Prince of Persia game exclusively on Wii.

  • Nintendo: 76 Wii titles have sold more than 1M copies worldwide

    Dan Adelman, head of business development at Nintendo, said today that the amount of million-sellers on Wii is on the up, speaking at the company’s Media Summit in San Francisco.

  • Sin and Punishment 2, Pokemon, Cave Story, MM10 - dates

    Sin and Punishment 2: Star Successor, Pokemon Heart Gold/Silver, Mega Man 10 and Cave Story all got dates today at Nintendo’s Media Summit in San Francisco.

  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 detailed in San Francisco - trailer coming today

    The Nintendo Media Summit in San Francisco has just seen a large demo of Super Mario Galaxy 2, supplying a bevy of new details on the title. New goodness shown was the new Spin-Dig Galaxy – and Yoshi.

  • DSi XL to launch in US on March 28

    Nintendo has announced at its media summit in San Francisco that the DSi XL will launch for $189 on March 28.

  • Timing for 1.5 hour-long Nintendo Japan conference confirmed for tomorrow

    Set your watches, Wii lovers: Nintendo UK just confirmed the timing for tomorrow’s press conference, and you’re going to have to get up early if you’re in Europe. “Nintendo will hold ONE conference tomorrow – it will take place between 1.30 – 3pm Japan time (6.30 – 8am CET),” we’ve just been told by a […]

  • Nintendo likely to go large at press conference tomorrow, say analysts

    The internet’s going bonkers: what will Nintendo show tomorrow? There’s a good round-up of all the various rumours on Bloomberg, with a few quotes from analysts thrown in to make it sound “grown up.” Basically, the smart money says it’s going to be a new DS, and a lot of talk has emerged today regarding […]

  • Nintendo Media Summit day two live blogged

    Want to read some sketchy notes about a really long WiiWare presentation in America? Course you do. IGN live blogged the second day of Nintendo’s Media Summit just in case you do. There’s stuff in there about Strong Bad, World of Goo and the fact Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and Major League Eating were playable […]

  • Nintendo Media Summit - full line-up

    The US press has been embargoed on some of this – we’re guessing one of the games you’re going to have to wait to hear about is Star Wars: The Force Unleashed – but GoNintendo’s kindly posted a list of everything shown at Nintendo’s American Media Summit yesterday. What’s “Pop”? Wii Wii Fit Boom Blox […]

  • Nintendo Media Summit round-up

    Some of it’s been embargoed, apparently, but Cubed3 has as good a run-down of what happened today at the US Nintendo Media Summit as we’ve seen, so go have a look. It sounds like a thriller. Summary: Wii Fit WiiWare Mario Super Sluggers Boom Blox Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time According to the IGN […]