Riccitiello: EA to support both Natal and PS3 motion tech, plans coming “early- to mid-2010”

EA boss John Riccitiello said tonight that EA is “positive” on the opportunities afforded by both Natal and PS3’s upcoming motion controller, saying the company will support both and announce its plans for the new peripherals next year. “We’re really positive on both,” said the exec, speaking in the firm’s Q1 investor call. “Our view […]

Motion-sensing headlines

  • PS3 motion tech is "very, very precise," says Sony

    SCEE R&D boss Paul Holman told Edge at Develop this week that PS3’s upcoming motion technology will cause advancement in games thanks to its precision. “I think we can just say that it’s very, very precise,” he said. “People are going to be able to take games in this space forward because of the precision […]

  • PS Eye has facial recognition right now

    In case you missed it in the PS motion tech keynote liveblog from Develop yesterday, Sony confirmed that PS Eye can already recognise faces. The SCEE research and development guys said the peripheral is capable of detecting the “position and direction” of your head, the “gender and age of face” and smiles. It can also […]

  • Liveblog - Sony motion controller session, Develop 2009

    SCEE will show its Sony motion tech at Develop in Brighton this morning, and we’re liveblogging the session after the link. The firm promises to show “a lot more about the new PS3 controller shown at E3,” giving “several real-world examples of such techniques as used in recent and soon to be released PS3 and […]

  • PS3 and 360 motion tech will boost fitness sector, says Moore

    EA Sports boss Peter Moore’s told IndustryGamers that motion tech shown by both Sony and Microsoft at E3 this year will push the sports segment in general, but specifically the fitness sector. “It’s a huge opportunity for sports,” he said. “We’re already working on it, we’re expecting dev kits to be arriving very soon. “Both […]

  • American men talk about motion controls on internet

    It’s Tuesday, a great day to watch American people talk about motion controllers on a website. Luckily, then, Gametrailer has posted its latest Bonus Round, which fulfils that need to the hilt. It’s GameTrailers’ Geoff Keighley, Shane Satterfield, Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter and Kotaku’s Michael McWhertor rabbiting on about Natal, and so forth. Complete your […]

  • Sony motion tech could allow everyday objects in-game

    Sony’s patented what looks to be new motion tech that would allow gamers to use everyday objects in play, such as “coffee mugs, drinking glasses, books, bottles, etc.” There’s tons of detail and diagrams on Siliconera. Thanks, Kotaku.

  • Sega: Motion controllers grant "land grab" opp

    Microsoft’s Natal and Sony’s new wand motion device could provide a nice revenue bump for first-movers, Sega’s told GI. “Being the largest third-party publisher on Wii we obviously have good gestural experience so for us I can see an opportunity to get a land grab on some of our competitors by taking our head start […]

  • SCEE to show "much more" on PS3 motion tech at Develop

    SCEE’s Kish Hirani coding keynote at next month’s Develop conference is to include “much more detail” on Sony’s new motion controller, according to this Develop report. Apparently, he’ll “also be talking about new vision processing and advanced graphical techniques in the PS3 libraries, using real-world examples from recent and soon-to-be-released PS3 and PSP titles.” We’ll […]

  • Acti boss - PS360 motion tech "logical" after Wii's success

    Motion-sensing was a done deal after the popularity of the concept of Wii, Activision president Mike Griffith told GI at E3. “Those are logical directions for Sony and Microsoft and obviously they’re seeing what everyone else is seeing – that the consumer has responded well to the physical interface of the Wii,” he said. “This […]

  • Motion controls for big action games? Not likely, says Ubi boss

    While Natal and PS3’s motion tech presents a large opportunity for some games, Ubisoft president Yves Guillemot has told CNBC that big action games will most likely continue to be played on traditional controllers. “The current pad for gamers is giving them a lot,” he said on the subject of whether or not games like […]

  • Motion-sensing is PS3 "essential", says House

    SCEE president Andrew House has called motion-sensing an “essential” element to PS3, speaking to GI at E3. “That’s one of the essentials,” he said, talking of PS3’s wand-based motion control system premiered in LA earlier this month. House was quick to expound the machine’s further virtues, however. “But the PlayStation 3 is also one of […]

  • Iwata: Nintendo tried camera-based controllers, went different direction

    Satoru Iwata has told the Financial Times that Nintendo previously fiddled around with camera-based motion controls and decided to pass on ’em. The firm eventually decided that “accelerometer-based technology”, like what’s in the WiiMote, worked better. Iwata admitted, however, that the company will wait and see what Microsoft and Sony do before regretting the decision. […]

  • Dille: PS3 motion wand is a "prototype"

    SCEA’s Peter Dille told Kotaku at E3 that, while he expects the press conference showing of the company’s PS3 motion tech to be indicative of the final product, what was shown is a “prototype”. “We’re announcing the technology, not the product or game,” he said. “He also wanted people to know the form factor of […]

  • Rumour: Full-body motion-sensing 360 shot leaked

    Engadget’s carrying what’s claimed to be a shot of a full-body motion-sensing system for Xbox 360. No shit. There’s a sensor bar, and everything. Apparently, capabilities include: Full body and hand gesture control of games / characters. In fighting games you kick, punch, duck, dive, jump and so forth with your body. It also picks […]

  • Variety: PS3 motion controller for E3

    Variety sources are claiming PS3’s much-rumoured motion controller is to be revealed at E3 in June. As per a patent filed in 2007, the device is thought to be tracked by a small webcam and can read different coloured lights, as well as the shape and angle of each light, making it far more sensitive […]

  • Microsoft: No truth in Banjo motion-sensing talk

    According to this Joystiq story, Microsoft has said outright that there is no truth in yesterday’s speculation that motion-sensing plays a part in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. “There is no truth to this speculation,” said a spokesperson. “Ken’s comment is in reference to rotating the left analog stick while hitting the X-button to move different […]

  • Banjo features ability to "twist the controller," says Lobb

    Well, there we are. In what appears to be a tacit admission that Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts features some form of motion sensing, Microsoft’s Ken Lobb has claimed that controller movement will allow things to be moved in the game-world in an IGN dev commentary movie. “The primary function that Kazooie has in the game […]

  • Rumour: "Break apart" PS3 controller... isn't

    Kotaku’s posted a rumour on top of GI’s rumour – making a double-rumour – on the subject of the motion-sensing PlayStation 3 controller, saying that the device doesn’t “break apart” as much, but is made of of smaller, attachable parts. Apparently you can “wear” sensors on the feet, hands and so on, to control characters […]

  • Rumour: Developers already have motion-sensing PS3 pad

    According to this GamesIndustry story, developers are already in possession of the motion-sensing PlayStation pad – unofficially named “The World’s Worst Kept Secret” – and apparently it’s made of pieces which break apart. The peripheral was supposedly tested in California this year, and we’ve heard heavy hints that the new bit of plastic is indeed […]

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