March Npd 2009

World Analysis War victor Gama posts March NPD graphs, enjoys armistice

Gamasutra won the graph war. The site’s posted up its March NPD analysis feature, having acquired ex-Edge chart-man Kris Graft earlier this month. There will be no more silo face-off in the world of NPD analysis. All that’s left is scorched earth. Scorched earth covered in coloured graphs. Take a look. Remember the good times.

March Npd 2009 headlines

  • Reggie says Nintendo has "a number of important" games coming to Wii, DS

    NoA’s Reggie Fils-Aime has nonchalantly responded to the March NPD’s – which showed Wii sales at 601,000 for the month – saying Nintendo has “a number of important” new games incoming for both Wii and DS to boost hardware figures. According to Reuters, Reggie is “confident that we’ll continue to see very strong hardware sales […]

  • March NPD: MadWorld sells 66,000 units

    Sega’s MadWorld managed a paltry 66,000 units in the US last month, according to this Gama report. The Wii game has been well-received in general, hitting 82 percent on Metacritic. Rockstar’s GTA Chinatown Wars, the big “core” DS game of last month, only managed 89,000 units in the US. More through there. Thanks, Blerk.

  • March NPD: US sales weakness to continue for "months," says Pachter

    However you dress it up, the 17 percent year-over-year revenue drop for the US games industry announced yesterday is “wince-worthy,” to put it mildly. Worse, Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter said today that he expects the gloomy weather to stay with us for “months”. He said in a note: We believe investor concern may be heightened, […]

  • March NPD: Nintendo shares fall on "severe" US sales data

    Nintendo’s shares dropped 6.6 percent to close at 26,180 yen yesterday off the back of weak March NPDs, according to this Bloomberg report. It’s the stock’s biggest drop since February 2. “The severe sales result in the US prompted disappointment among investors,” said Takagi Securities analyst Shigeo Kikuchi. “Nintendo had been perceived as one of […]

  • March NPD - Everything in one place

    We’re pretty sure this is all of it. In a nutshell: everything down, everyone a bit edgy, Resi Evil did OK, Killzone’s a bit of a shocker, Chinatown Wars am cry, DSi’s a flyer, 360 was up over last year. See? Wasn’t hard, was it? March NPD – Frazier calls for restraint as sales crash […]

  • March NPD: DSi sells 435,000 in first week

    March NPD figures, released yesterday, have confirmed that the American DSi sold 435,000 units in its first week on sale. The machine released April 5, preceded by a April 3 launch in Europe. More on GI.

  • March NPD: Microsoft points to YoY 360 rise in response

    Xbox 360’s sales were up 25 percent in March compared to last year, Microsoft said in its NPD response last night, making it the only console that actually increased sales in what was otherwise a dismal show. The machine moved 330,000 units, with four 360 games included in the top 10. The 360 version of […]

  • March NPD: Nintendo sticks to hardware domination in press release

    Nintendo stuck to the fact its hardware accounted for nearly 60 percent of all sales in the US last month in its NPD press release, while also making noted of Pokemon Platinum’s number two position in the software rankings. “Nintendo systems accounted for 58.4 percent of the video game hardware sold in March, more than […]

  • March NPD: Sony sticks to software in figures response

    Sony didn’t mention hardware sales at all in its response to last night’s NPD figures, instead talking up Killzone’s 1 million worldwide sales and the success of platform exclusives such as MLB 09 The Show. And inFamous, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, MAG, Heavy Rain, God of War III, and Rachet & Clank Future: A Crack […]

  • March NPD: GTA Chinatown Wars sales less than 100,000 in US, says report

    SAI is citing “industry sources” as claiming GTA: Chinatown Wars achieved only 88,704 sales in the US last month. There’s been no official comment from NPD as yet. Predictions on the game’s sales varied heavily in the run-up to last night’s figure-release, with 200,000 the lowest guess. Looks as though it was worse than anyone […]

  • March NPD: Killzone 2 sales put into perspective

    Killzone 2’s sales figures were one of the shock stories of last night’s NPD release, the game being outsold in the US last month by the likes of Halo Wars and MLB ‘09: The Show. That’s probably not so good if you’re Sony. Want some context? Here’s how it compares to other 360 and PS3 […]

  • March NPD - Frazier calls for restraint as sales crash 17%

    NPD analyst Anita Frazier has called for calm after NPD figures released today showed a year-on-year revenue drop of 17 percent in the US market to $1.43 billion from $1.72 billion in March 2008. She said in a statement: “While it might be tempting to jump to the conclusion that the sky is starting to […]

  • March NPD - Resident Evil 5 takes top spot for 360

    The 360 version of Resident Evil 5 was the biggest selling game in America last month, with almost 1 million units shifted. Pokemon Platinum came second with just over 800,000 units moved, and Halo Wars came a solid third with 639,000 games sold. The most shocking bit? MLB ’09: The Show outsold Killzone 2. Top […]

  • March NPD - Wii still on top with 601,000 in hardware sales

    Wii sold 610,000 units in the US last month, according to just-released NPD data, a far smaller figure than predicted. Both 360 and PS3 sold below analyst predictions as well, with over 330,000 and 218,000 units sold respectively. PS2 – 112K PS3 – 218K PSP – 168K Xbox 360 -330K Wii – 601K DS -563K […]

  • March NPD - All the raw data

    Hardware Units PlayStation 2 112K PlayStation 3 218K PSP 168K Xbox 360 330K Wii 601K Nintendo DS 563K Top 10 SKU’s March 2009 Title Publisher Platform Rank # Units RESIDENT EVIL 5* CAPCOM USA 360 1 938K POKEMON PLATINUM VERSION NINTENDO OF AMERICA NDS 2 805K HALO WARS* MICROSOFT 360 3 639K RESIDENT EVIL 5* […]

  • PS3 closed gap on 360 in US last month, says Pachter

    Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter has predicted that, despite another massive month for Wii in the US in March, PS3 significantly closed its gap on 360 compared to February. The analyst guessed today that 800,000 Wii, 400,000 360, and 350,000 PS3 consoles were sold in America last month. PS3 was soundly beaten by 360 in February, […]