Guild Wars 2: The Lost Shores

Guild Wars 2: ArenaNet reflect on Lost Shores event, reveals future plans

Guild Wars 2 saw The Lost Shores event kick off last week to a range of technical issues, and developer ArenaNet has discussed the event’s performance in a new blog update, as well as laying out the studio’s next objectives for the game. Check out what they had to say below.

8 years ago

Guild Wars 2: The Lost Shores headlines

  • Guild Wars 2: Lost Shores screens feature a giant enemy crab

    Guild Wars 2’s Lost Shores event is kicking off November 15. It’s a one-time island-hopping event that will change the world of Tyria forever, and sees heroes battling it out on the beaches against giant enemy crabs, exploring dank coves and more. Publisher NC Soft has just revealed a batch of gameplay screens. Check them […]

    8 years ago