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EA pulls Fight Night DLC over 360 freezing issues

EA’s pulled Fight Night Round 4’s Champions Pack 2 after the add-on was reported to cause 360 lock-ups, as you can see on the game’s forum. “We have come to the tough decision to take the DLC down from XBL Marketplace, fix the issue, and look to prop up a corrected Champions Pack 2 in […]

Fight Night Round 4 headlines

  • Fight Night Round 4 to get Rivalries DLC this week

    EA’s announced a brand new pack of DLC for Fight Night Round 4, known as the “Rivalries” pack, will release this week. The pack will contain two new gameplay modes and three new fighters, including Evander Holyfield and Bernard Hopkins. It releases this Thursday, but we don’t know anything on pricing yet. Find the trailer […]

  • Fight Night Round 4 gets DLC, price cut

    EA just announced a new DLC pack for Fight Night Round 4, including Bernard Hopkins, Sonny Liston and Evander Holyfield. It’s coming in “early December,” priced 800 MSP on $10 on PSN. The game’s price has also dropped from $50 to $40. “Knock out”. More on IGN.

  • EA being sued for unauthorized likeness use in Madden, Fight Night, NCAA

    According to a report on Kotaku, EA are being sued for unauthorized use of likenesses in EA Sports titles such as Madden NFL 09, NCAA and Fight Night Round 4. The lawsuits come from Byron Bishop (NCAA), a licensing group for boxers known as Fighters Inc (Fight Night) and John “Big Dawg” Thompson (Madden), who […]

  • Fight Night Round 4 demo on Live

    Nelson brings word of a Fight Night Round 4 demo on Live. The tester feature Ali and Tyson. Get the blurb through the link.

  • Fight Night Round 4 to get updates starting in August

    EA Sports has announced two free DLC updates for Fight Night Round 4. Slated for early August, the first one will add a new gym and equipment to PS3 and Xbox 360, while an updated version of Sugar Ray Leonard will be included, but exclusive to Xbox 360. New gameplay sliders are also expected with […]

  • Mike Tyson talks Fight Night Round 4, loves God of War

    Mike Tyson has said that he’s amazed how the graphics have changed in games since his first appearance on a console. “It’s incredible,” he said. “It’s like the animation is actually like real fighters in there. The movement and the lucidness of the fighters moving their heads is like two real individuals and they’re actually […]

  • Fight Night Round 4 debuts at no. 1 in UK charts [Update]

    If you hadn’t guessed after reading the headline; Fight Night Round 4 sits top of the tree in this week’s serving of UK chart action. It’s punched Prototype off top spot which in turn has pushed The Sims 3 to third. Full top ten here: Update: Worth a mention: GI points out that this is […]

  • EA: Fight Night Round 4 might get button-play via DLC

    Looks like this one slipped under the radar: Back on June 12, Fight Night Round 4, producer Brian Hayes told IGN that button-mapping – controversially absent from the initial release – might be offered as downloadable content at some point. “No, there is no option for face button punching in the final version, but we […]

  • SIGGRAPH 2009 session to focus on graphics in Gears 2 and Fight Night Round 4

    Gaming will have a larger impact than ever before at this year’s  SIGGRAPH conference, with Will Wright giving a keynote and game graphics being discussed in a special session. The annual meeting of digital artists conference has a special gaming session titled “Big, Fast, and Cool: Making the Art for Fight Night Round 4 & […]

  • Fight Night Round 4, your face, punching - video

    EA kept the pressure up on Fight Night Round 4’s June 26 release this morning with a new trailer showing the game’s awesome face-input and customisation features. This is a no-brainer for scrap fans, to be honest. When we saw it at EA’s spring event in London, it really did look state of the art. […]

  • Fight Night Round 4 to release on June 25

    EA has announced during its presser that Fight Night Round 4 will release on June 25, a week earlier than planned. Says the game’s strength is display and the physics engine, which was displayed via a demo showing everything from muscle flex, sweat, and devastating punches -all driven dynamically. Sounds great.

  • Fight Night Round 4 demo up on Live

    Microsoft’s posted the Fight Night Round 4 demo on Live, as you can see here. It’s 784Mb and for Gold subs only. Off you go, pummel fans.

  • New Fight Night Round 4 screens get us ready to rumble

    EA’s Fight Night Round 4 is almost upon us, and for those of you who haven’t got the rather mouth-watering demo yet, here’s a bunch of new screenshots to look. Admire muscle men with sweat running down their bare chests after the break. Game’s out in June.

  • Fight Night Round 4 demo now available to those who pre-ordered

    Today, consumers who pre-ordered Fight Night Round 4 through GameStop can access the downloadable demo for either PS3 or Xbox 360. Stop by the store where you pre-ordered, show your receipt,  get your access code, go home, punch it in, and in no time you’ll be throwing punches as Manny Pacquiao or Ricky Hatton. Xbox […]

  • We're in the next-gen sweet spot, says Fight Night dev

    This is it, kids. We’re in the next-gen super-zone. We know because Dean Richards, senior producer on Fight Night Round 4, told us so at the EA spring showcase in London. “We’re in the sweet spot of the next generation, of pushing, of getting to that kind of place,” he told us. Richards was quick […]

  • Fight Night Round 4 demo linked to pre-orders in UK, new video released

    According to this Videogamer story, yuo can get early access to the Fight Night Round 4 demo in the UK by pre-ordering from GameStation. See here. Buy it and you can play the taster this Thursday. Don’t, and you’ll have to wait until an unspecified date. The game’s out on June 26. Get a new […]

  • Hatton and PacMan "rumble" in Fight Night Round 4 vid

    After the break. The Hitman never looked so life-like. Apart from when he’s the real Ricky Hatton, obviously. What? Fight Night Round 4’s out on June 26 for PS3 and 360.

  • Fight Night Round 4 movie is proper stylin'

    The latest Fight Night Round 4 video shows specific boxing styles. It still looks stupidly good. See after the break. It’s out on June 30 for PS3 and 360.

  • Fight Night Round 4 demo to feature Hatton and "Pac-Man" Pacquiao

    A Fight Night Round 4 demo is coming in May, recreating the match between Ricky Hatton and Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao. The game’s out this June for PS3 and Xbox 360. The news comes from a GTTV video, posted below. Via Joystiq.

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