Doom II

Bethesda XBL sale includes Fallout, Oblivion, id goodies

The Bethesda sale has started over on Xbox Live, and those wondering just what the sale would entail can wonder no more. Get the skinny below.

9 years ago

Doom II headlines

  • Doom II still heading to XBLA, eventually

    Doom II was supposed to be released on XBLA last year, and those who have been worried if it has been tossed need worry no more.It’s still coming, according to Bethesda.

    10 years ago
  • Bethesda to show off Brink at PAX 2009

    Bethesda has decided to show off Brink at PAX 2009.Apparently, the game is going to be shown to the public on the hour every hour all weekend. Don’t worry though, Doom II, Quake Arena, Rogue Warrior and WET will be on-hand as well, and if you are attending, Bethesda will be handing out swag as […]

    11 years ago
  • QuakeCon: Doom II and Quake Arena Arcade playable for first time

    QuakeCon is happening as we speak, and Todd Hollenshead just announced during the main press event that Quake Arena Arcade along with Doom II are playable for the first time ever at the event.Both are expected for Xbox Live Arcade, and are over at the Bethesda booth.Maybe we will get a date on this before […]

    11 years ago