Battlefield 1942

EA issues update regarding affected GameSpy titles, promises “investigating community-supported options”

EA has issued an update following this morning’s confirmation that 50 of its titles will lose multiplayer and online functionality when GameSpy shuts down in June.

7 years ago

Battlefield 1942 headlines

  • Battlefield 1942 turns 10, is free on Origin now

    Battlefield 3 Premium has hit over two million subscribers, and DICE’s series has just turned ten years old, so the developer is giving away its first game Battlefield 1942 away for free on Origin.

    8 years ago
  • Indestructible: DICE's Karl Troedsson on Battlefield 3

    During gamescom, Alex Donaldson cornered DICE GM Karl Magnus Troedsson and to discuss upcoming juggernaut Battlefield 3, rivalries, and what the firm’s plans are for the future.

    9 years ago