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Just Cause 3: all the Daredevil Jump locations

Complete all of these to unlock bonus vehicles; a quad, motorcycle and monster truck. Yeehaw.

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Just Cause 3's Daredevil Jumps are located all around its huge map and can be difficult to find. Which is why we've put together this guide to all the locations for your convenience.

The Daredevil Jumps are spread across all three islands, and completing them unlocks some serious bonuses.

Finish all the jumps on Insula Dracon to unlock access to the Custom Kietterer 300 Quad, completing all on Insula Fonte unlocks the Custom Geschwind Motorcycle and beating Isla Straite's jumps gives you the Incendario Monster Truck. And believe us, you want those vehicles.

Insula Dracon

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There's 10 jumps to complete, giving you access to the Custom Kietterer 300 Quad vehicle, found in the Rebel Drop.

1. Petra Province, Coordinates 41.24 N, 37.34 E
Find the car in the small area with guards, to the north of the jump’s coordinates. There's a ramp on the south side of the landing in Puncta Sud. Be careful as the guards may attack after you've attempted the jump.

2. Petra Province, Coordinates: 42.06 N, 36.76 E
This jump overlooks the large area in Espia Bassa - you'll need some serious speed to clear it. And make sure you have a parachute handy if you want to avoid landing hard on your ass.

3. Petra Province, Coordinates: 42.15 N, 36.83 E
On the road heading up the upper north side of Espia Bassa you can see a ramp at the end. You need to land on the north side and will need lots of speed to avoid the buildings.

4. Corda Dracon Province, Coordinates: 42.79 N, 36.59 E
East of Corda Dracon: Centcom is a ramp. This is an easy jump.

5. Corda Dracon Province, Coordinates: 42.89 N, 36.29 E
Outside of Corda Dracon: Centcom is a road near where you took jump 4 (above). You can do this jump and then jump four in succession if you keep the speed up.

6. Trio Province, Coordinates: 42.40 N, 35.37 E
Take the east road out of Guardian Trio I and it turns north into a dirt track. As you get air from the ramp shift your vehicle to the left so you land on the two lane bridge below. You want your vehicle to be at around 140km/h.

7. Capite West Province, Coordinates: 43.49 N, 35.58 E
If you're on top form you can tie this in with jump 8 (below). You need plenty of speed on the dirt track that leads in to the jump.

8. Capite West Province, Coordinates: 43.51 N, 35.60 E
Hit the road with a healthy amount of speed and you'll make this and then roll straight into jump 7 (above) as well.

9. Capite Est Province, Coordinates: 43.79 N, 36.15 E
You want to be on the road east of Espia Alta to get this jump. Make sure you liberate the area first so you don't have to deal with a heavy firefight after landing. You can also use a parachute as a safeguard if you aren't ready to fight yet. There should be a road to the south you can go to after flying off.

10. Capite West Province, Coordinates: 43.80 N, 34.94 E
This ramp is at the south end of the air strip in Porto Cavo. You'll land in a lot of water so take a parachute with you. And look out for enemies from the nearby base who will happily spoil your fun.

Insula Fonte

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There are 13 jumps on Insula Fonte, and completing them all unlocks the Custom Geschwind Motorcycle, located within the Rebel Drop.

1. Feno Province, Coordinates: 42.68 N, 42.87 E
Get on the dirt track towards Babica and plough through a few barricades but ease up on the speed. If you hit it too fast you'll end up in a police station and that won't go down very well.

2. Plagia Province, Coordinates: 42.54 N, 43.30 E
Come off the north side of the highway here onto a dirt track which heads west. Take the jump and you'll land in Feno.

3. Feno Province, Coordinates: 42.13 N, 42.44 E
There's a handy vehicle here which you can use to take the jump. get on the dirt road near the outpost and this jump will take you from Feno to Lavanda.

4. Lavanda Province, Coordinates: 41.89 N, 42.61 E
The ramp is off the main road on the north side, heading towards Sancte Lucas. This is an easy jump.

5. Feno Province, Coordinates: 41.68 N, 43.05 E
Climb the mountain using your grapple. There's a car at the bottom and you need to find the long downhill dirt track with a ramp at the bottom. It's an easy jump once you know where it is.

6. Lacos Province, Coordinates: 40.76 N, 43.47 E
You need to head down the paved road, and if you don't have a vehicle you'll be able to find one near the outpost to the west. This can be a bit tricky, and have a parachute on hand.

7. Lacos Province, Coordinates: 40.87 N, 43.74 E
Heading down the main road here you'll see a dirt trail that takes you to the jump. Be wary of the long corner before the ramp (don't lose control, basically) and you'll hit the ramp.

8. Lacos Province, Coordinates: 41.01 N, 44.41 E
Just past Fortalessa is a ramp going off the main road as it begins to curve. Be careful of the bump just in front of the ramp as it can throw you off.

9. Baia Province, Coordinates: 40.30 N, 44.62 E
This is an easy jump so long as you aim for the road to the south for a smooth landing.

10. Baia Province, Coordinates: 40.15 N, 44.56 E
There's a vehicle near here at the base with the turbine. Hit the ramp going southeast and if you've got your speed up you'll land right on the road. Easy.

11. Baia Province, Coordinates: 40.02 N, 43.77 E
This is a jump across a massive gap, so have a parachute handy or you'll be taking an early bath.

12. Sirocco Nord Province, Coordinates: 39.04 N, 42.87 E
Go south off the main road to follow a dirt trackwith a ramp at the end. You need to hit the ramp so you lean to the left or right of it, as there's a big tree in the center which will stop you dead.

13. Sirocco Nord Province, Coordinates: 38.51 N, 42.50 E
You can get to this either by the main road to the east or the dirt track from Cirilla. Keep it level and you'll land it with ease.

Insula Straite

just_cause_3_feb_13 (7)

There's only seven jumps here, and they unlock the biggie: the Incendario Monster Truck.

1. Libeccio Province, Coordinates: 45.74 N, 35.18 E
The dirt track to the west of Vista Dracon takes you straight to the jump. You're going through a barrier and off a cliff, so make sure you're at top speed.

2. Val De Mar Province, Coordinates: 44.73 N, 42.36 E
There's a vehicle you can use inside Guardia Val De Mar IV. Drive through the the chain fence to the west and follow the path to a ramp.

3. Costa Sud Province, Coordinates: 44.30 N, 45.45 E
This is off the main road and jumping it will land you in Peria Est. Parachute out of the car at the last minute or end up with your head in a brick wall.

4. Costa Sud Province, Coordinates: 46.12 N, 44.42 E
The ramp is east of the Sancte Evita, right at the peak of the mountain. The landing is the easy part.

5. Val De Mar Province, Coordinates: 46.73 N, 42.06 E
To the east of Mountain Pass Spring is a dirt track. Don't go too fast off the ramp or you'll smash into a train tunnel.

6. Litore Torto Province, Coordinates: 47.42 N, 45.72 E
Head south from the city on the main road, then onto a dirt track and up a mountain. Lots of speed will help you clear the trees.

7. Litore Torto Province, Coordinates: 49.22 N, 45.05 E
On the road to Sancte Malco look for a road that leads to the jump. This jump sends you over train tracks and into a canyon, so have a parachute ready!

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