Stone is a stoner noir adventure starring an anthropomorphic koala

By Sherif Saed, Thursday, 16 August 2018 15:00 GMT

Stone is Convict Games’ first project, boldly described as a hip-hop stoner noir adventure.

Stone stars the, well, stoned titular koala who must embark on a quest to find Alex, his lover who’s been kidnapped. Stone is an adventure game where we’ll be able to solve the mystery of Alex’s disappearance by navigating his fragmented memory.

The game is going for a Big Lebowski-inspired style and theme, and Convict promises a cast full of eccentric characters – all of whom are anthropomorphic animals.

The studio refers to the game as an “interactive adventure” that isn’t so much about solving puzzles as much as it is about talking to people to try and make sense of what happened the night before.

Stone himself is a private investigator, and you’ll have a choice between a “hard ass” or “soft-touch” approach when extracting information from others.

Convict Games is made up of former Riot, and Remedy staff. The studio also has some talent from Hollywood, some of whom have worked on films like Gravity, Prometheus and others. The team is led by an Australian writer and director, so expect a lot of Australian slang.

As you can see in the trailer, Stone’s presentation is rarely seen in games. The soundtrack is comprised of indie music from various genres like hip-hop, house – and of course, stoner metal.

Stone is in development for PC, due out this fall. You check out the game on Steam.

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