Extinction review roundup – all the scores

By James Billcliffe, Tuesday, 10 April 2018 08:32 GMT

Iron Galaxy’s third-person hack ‘n’ slash Extinction is out today, and the first reviews have started to creep to the surface.

As we saw in a recent trailer, Extinction follows the story of Avil, the last Sentinel, in his quest to defeat the giant monsters – called Ravenii – plaguing the land, while also preserving the knowledge needed to fight them.

The core of the game is centred on what the development team are calling “skill-based combat” where, instead of attacks rigidly chaining together in the usual third-person action style, players can cancel out into a different combo at almost any time.

Avil is special, because only he can perform something called a Rune Strike – the only technique powerful enough to kill a Ravenii. To do this though, he has to build up Rune Energy by saving people in the world, defeating smaller minions, or by damaging the Ravenii themselves.

The early word on Extinction is mixed though, with the game sitting at 53 on OpenCritic from 23 critic reviews.

We’ll add more scores to the list as they come out.

Extinction reviews –

All scores are out of ten unless stated otherwise:

EGM – 6
Push Square – 6
Destructoid – 6
The Sixth Axis – 5
GamingBlot – 5
Gamespot – 4
Slant Magazine – 2/5
WCCF Tech – 4
PlayStation Universe – 4
Critical Hit – 4.5
Xbox Achievements – 50/100
PS Site (In Polish) – 5
ThisGenGaming – 5.5
PlayStation Lifestyle – 6
GameSkinny – 6
HobbyConsolas (In Spanish) – 60/100
Cog Connected – 68/100
Hardcore Gamer – 3.5/5
The Digital Fix – 6

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