A new Mythical Pokemon has been revealed in Ultra Sun and Moon

By Marshall Lemon, Monday, 9 April 2018 14:19 GMT

A wild Zeraora appears as Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon’s latest Mythical Pokemon.

It’s not just Pokemon GO that allows players to discover new monsters – Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon has its own. Earlier today, the Pokemon Company revealed Zeraora, the latest Mythical Pokemon to be introduced to the game.

Dubbed as a “Thunderclap Pokemon”, Zeraora is an Elecric-type Mythical Pokemon that creates a magnetic field through the pads on its hands and feet. This allows Zeraora to levitate and move through the air with incredible speed – possibly as fast as lightning if Nintendo’s press release is to be believed.

A new trailer outlines Zeraora’s statistics while presenting how the Pokemon appears in-game. There’s also a battle video of the creature which can be seen below.

That being said, Zeraora isn’t available through regular gameplay, but we can expect further encounter details to be revealed soon.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon are available for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

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