Get a free game from GOG when you pre-order Absolver, Hello Neighbor, Pillars of the Earth or Sudden Strike 4

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 28 July 2017 15:38 GMT

If you plan on pre-ordering Absolver, Hello Neighbor, Sudden Strike 4 or Ken Follet’s Pillars of the Earth from GOG, you’ll get a freebie for the trouble.

GOG is now taking pre-orders for Absolver, Hello Neighbor, Sudden Strike 4, and Pillars of the Earth and each pre-order comes with a free game which will be available to play right away.

You can take 10% off Absolver when dropping the cash early, and it will include The Labyrinth Prospect Mask and Uring Priest Gear Set. Even better, you’ll be handed boss rush title Furi for free. It’s a rather good game, and was named one of our 2016 Games of the Year. Absolver releases on August 29, and it is one of this year’s releases on our radar.

Stealth-horror title Hello Neighbor is the newest title from tinybuild, and it’s a horror game about breaking into someone’s house. Releasing on August 29, in the game a new neighbor has moved next door and the player is convinced he’s harboring some secret in the basement.

The player will then break into the man’s house and start exploring. The owner isn’t too keen on the intrusion, and will eventually set traps and barricades. Sounds a bit like the film Don’t Breath, only the protagonist in the game isn’t blind, we don’t think.


With the pre-order, access to three Alpha builds of Hello Neighbor is included, along with the detective game Jazzpunk from Necrophone Games for free.

Daedalic Entertainment’s point-and-click title The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav is free when pre-ordering Ken Follet’s The Pillars of the Earth now through August 15. The latter is the video-game adaptation Follet’s best-selling series The Pillars of the Earth. The interactive point-and-click novel comes with the Season Pass which will span all three books in the series, with Book 1: From the Ashes available upon release in August.

Sudden Strike fans can pre-order the fourth entry in the RTS franchise and when they do, Sudden Strike Gold, Sudden Strike 2 Gold, Sudden Strike 3: Arms to Victory and The Last Stand including map editors plus all available map packs and expansions will handed over for free.

The three prior releases have been reworked by the folks over at GOG for smoother gameplay on modern PC systems. Plus, when dropping money early, pre-orders are 15% off. Sudden Strike 4 releases on August 11.

Be sure to hit up the links to GOG for more information on these titles.

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