5 weird and wonderful VR games you missed during Sony’s E3 2017 presser, through no fault of your own

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 13 June 2017 07:57 GMT

Sony has some very cool new VR games on the way, and didn’t give us much of a chance to look at them.

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Sony was very good about not banging on forever this year, but that means it was easy to miss a bunch of E3 2017 announces.

Let’s start with The Inpatient, which was featured during the Vr showcase. It’s a new horror game from Supermassive, and serves as a prequel to Until Dawn.

Players take on the role of the titular inpatient, who wakes up in Blackwood Sanatorium 60 years before the events of Until Dawn with no memory of who they are. As you’d expect from an Until Dawn story, the VR adventure has multiple branches and endings,and you can learn more about the plot by collecting flashback memories.

Supermassive’s really proud of the fully-realised body models and voice control, which, along with gender options and voice controls, are supposed to make it really immersive. No release date, alas.

Star Child is also a VR game, which is a bit odd, as it’s a sidescroller. That’s not the genre you firts think of with VR, but since a lot of the pleasure of VR is just being able to peer around at the world around you, it could make for some clever puzzles and also just be super charming.

It comes to us via Playful and GameTrust, and we have no other information. No release date for this one, either.

Turns out Supermassive has more than one VR game on the go. This one’s called Bravo Team, and it’s a shooter. It’s set in a fictional European country and involves the assassination of a president under escort by the titular company. The result? The nation and Bravo Team alike begin to tear themselves apart.

Still no release dates. It’s tiresome, isn’t it? Especially if you’re waiting on something new for your PlayStation VR headset.

This next one’s called Moss, and stars a Mouse. It’s described as similar to classic The Legend of Zelda games, but it’s a VR title so it controls differently: players will “reach out, touch, and interact with the environment while guiding Quill through her journey”.

Sounds like it’ll work best with PS Move controllers, then, as with titles like Star Trek: Bridge Crew, but in any case, the idea is that the world will be really interactive and reactive, which should be fun no matter what.

This one’s expected during the holidays. Bless! A release window!

Now finally here’s No Heroes Allowed, which wasn’t even shown during the conference so you couldn’t help but miss it.

This is the latest in an unusual real time strategy series which not only has long unwieldy titles but had to change them after legal trouble. The first was originally Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do To Deserve This?, and was followed by What Did I Do To Deserve This, My Lord? 2, and a third entry, No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either.

The series is quirky and challenging and has never really taken off in the west, but the new, VR-only entry is coming over anyway. The tabletop, diorama style presentation plays up to the whole god-of-destruction thing, which is rather cute. No release date, ha ha. That was too good to last.

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