GTA 5 modder says glorious Redux suite rips off VisualV code

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 20 September 2016 02:17 GMT

GTA 5 Redux is not as popular with other modders as it has been with happy players.


If you play GTA 5 on PC, chances are you’re tried and loved the GTA 5 Redux mod. The beautiful visual upgrade makes Rockstar’s already impressive sandbox shine even brighter, and has been highly praised by users.

Unfortunately the mod’s release has not been as well received across the board. In a post on GTA Forums, via PC Gamer, modder _CP_ alleges GTA 5 Redux draws heavily on their own GTA 5 mod VisualV. The modder provided side by side comparisons of VisualV and GTA 5 Redux code to demonstrate the similarities.

Although you might argue that two modders aiming for the same effect are likely to produce similar code, the allegation is being taken quite seriously by the GTA 5 modding community because GTA 5 Redux creator Josh Romito was involved with Miracle of V and Pinnacle of V, two community-built mod suites which were pulled due to uncredited use of code from other mods.

It’s an unfortunate downer after the high of such a successful mod launch. GTA 5 has such great potential for really creative modding, too.

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