WW2 tactical shooter Day of Infamy hits Steam Early Access

By Sherif Saed, Friday, 29 July 2016 13:01 GMT

What started out as a mod for Insurgency, quickly gained popularity and is now its own standalone game.

Day of Infamy, the WW2 mod for tactical shooter Insurgency has been expanded into a standalone game. Out now in Steam Early Access, Day of Infamy is based on Valve’s Source engine.

A lot like Insurgency, Day of Infamy retains the same core mechanics, with emphasis on team work. The Early Access release includes three modes, Frontline, Liberation, and Offensive, as as well access to three factions, British Commonwealth, U.S. Army, and the German Wehrmacht.

There are six available maps and 20 weapons, with various bits of customisation options already in place. Day of Infamy also comes with three co-op modes in Stronghold, Patrol, and Entrenchment. Some of the new feature the developer has implemented is the ability to call in fore support, for either artillery or smoke screen.

You can grab it now for $20 on Steam and watch the launch trailer above.

For a detailed look at how developer New World Interactive intends to spend the next few months of development, this handy Trello board outlines the road map.

Mod support will also be available in the game from day one, seeing as Insurgency has a thriving mod scene.

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