Broforce celebrates (belated) Independence Day with new bros

By Marshall Lemon, Thursday, 7 July 2016 20:07 GMT

Broforce’s update may be late for July 4th, but Bro Lee and Dirty Brorry were worth the wait.


Broforce celebrates (belated) Independence Day with new bros

Broforce is a wonderful game celebrating the best parts of 80s and 90s action movies, which has been made even better with frequent updates. Its constant stream of new bros, maps, and tweaks have made it worth replaying several times over, and Free Lives isn’t ready to quit yet. Which is why Broforce is celebrating July 4th (on July 7th) by releasing various fixes, Steam trading cards, and new bros willing to fight for America.

If you’re new to Broforce, all you need to know is each hero (or “bro”) is based on a non-copyright-infringing version of classic action movie characters. This latest patch is no exception, bringing us Bro Lee, Dirty Brorry, Tank Bro, and an updated version of Snake Bro. The source inspiration should be fairly clear, especially when you see each bro in action.

Bro Lee

Dirty Brorry

Tank Bro

Snake Bro 2

New bros are only one part of this update. Free Lives also introduced a new Loading Screen, various fixes, and brand-new sound effects across the entire world. “Have a listen and see if you can spot all the places we’ve added new sounds!” the announcement reads. “Hint: A LOT.”

To celebrate, Broforce is having a Weekend Steam sale at 60% off. If you already own the game, this update has already taken effect, so go rescue those bros, bro!

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