Will dropping Kinect result in more Xbox One games? Harrison seems to think so

By Dave Cook, Friday, 23 May 2014 11:52 GMT

Microsoft’s Phil Harrison has explained why he feels the dropping of mandatory Kinect will result in more games on Xbox One.


We reported on Microsoft’s Xbox One Kinect u-turn earlier this month, along with details of a new console bundle without the device.

Now, speaking with OXM, Harrison said of the decision’s long-term impact, “Last week we made a very significant announcement about giving gamers a choice, a choice about how they want to enter the Xbox One ecosystem, by offering them a version of Xbox One both with and without Kinect.

“And fundamentally that is good for opening up the Xbox One ecosystem – the more consumers who buy Xbox One, it’s a virtuous cycle for more developers to make and more consumers to play games, and that is what we’re committed to achieving and continuing.

“But we remain committed to Kinect as the premium way to experience the Xbox One vision. Over 80 per cent of Kinect Xbox Ones are active, over 120 voice commands are issued per day on average by all users of the console, so when you have this premium experience that is where the Xbox One comes alive.”

Do you use your Kinect’s voice functions on Xbox One? Let us know below.

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