16 unquestionable reasons why Unreal Tournament is the best arena shooter ever

By Patrick Garratt, Wednesday, 14 May 2014 13:43 GMT

Unreal Tournament is set to return for free. Why is this good? Because it’s amazing, that’s why.


Unreal Tournament is set to return, we learned this week, and it’s going to be free. Amazing news. Here’s why we’re about to see the comeback of the greatest Arena shooter ever made.

1 – The intro to UT3 is basically Gears of War before Gears of War happened.


Like, the models and voice-acting are pretty much identical. To play Unreal Tournament is to see history in action.

2 – Unreal Tournament had characters. It even has a campaign. Quake didn’t.


This man is Dom. He just doesn’t know it yet.

3 – Unreal Tournament 3 looks like this today.

Yesterday, actually. It’s seven years old.

4 – This thing.


Fairly sure Quake didn’t have one of these.

5 – Or this thing.


Quake’s transport portals looked like this. Rubbish.

6 – This kill.

7 – These samples. Listen by toggling the audio in the corner of the video.

Killing Spree!

8 – Rocket Scientist!

9 – Double Kill!

10 – Head Shot!

11 Head Hunter!

I mean, come on.

12 – This level.


What the fuck.

13 – The Redeemer


It’s a one-shot nuclear missile. In space. What more do you want?

14 – Capture the Flag.

Oh, the memories.

15 – And my multiplayer robot dude looks like this.


16 – But, basically, because it’s completely nuts.

Stupid-paced action will always win out. Conclusive evidence. Best arena shooter ever.

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