Killer Instinct “jail” to punish rage-quitting players

By Brenna Hillier, Friday, 31 January 2014 02:50 GMT

Killer Instinct’s next update won’t just add new character Spinal; it’ll also introduce a system to discourage rage quitting.


According to patch notes for the upcoming update, the first time a player with ten or more matches lets their disconnect percentage goes above 15%, they’ll be sent to “jail”. While in jail, players will only be match made with other inmates.

While in jail, your profile picture is automatically marked with a jail icon. The minimum sentence is 24 hours, and increases by 24 hours on each visit, to a maximum of five days total.

Once you’ve served your time, you’ll be let out, even if your disconnect is above 15% – but the first time you disconnect with a percentage above that limit, you’ll go straight back in.

Matches that result in jail terms are automatically considered losses.

Other additions coming in this update include a greeting from Meld when you start the game up, practice mode reset commands, and a leaderboard quick search.

The patch, which was teased yesterday along with details of new character Spinal, has not been dated.

See the full patch notes on the Double Helix forums for balancing minutiae and various fixes.

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