Evolve: assault class hunter Markov detailed, players are ‘planet tamers’

By Dave Cook, Wednesday, 15 January 2014 11:48 GMT

Evolve developer Turtle Rock Studios has detailed the next-gen shooter’s assault class character Markov, and discussed the role of the human hunters.

It follows the opening of Evolve pre-orders. See what bonus DLC you can get by ordering through the link.

In a new interview with Game Informer, one of Turtle Rock’s studio heads Phil Robb dubbed Evolve’s human hunters as “planet tamers,” and added, “They show up on these planets, and they sort of help colonists make these places livable.”

Indeed, Evolve players will tame plenty of hostile alien wildlife by shooting it in the face or using skills. We covered a ton of Evolve weapons, abilities and class perks in our info blow-out through the link.

Another studio head Chris Ashton added, “That’s the reason they have harpoon guns, tranq darts – they’re here to handle the local wildlife. That’s sort of their shtick. So they get here, and they’re faced with this much bigger problem,” Robb says. “It’s a little more than they were expecting. These monsters, they’re not native to Shear, either, so the hunters suddenly find themselves, ‘Wow, we’re kind of in over our heads here.’ It becomes this sort of battle for survival.”

The planet Shear is just one environment found in Evolve, and it has been inhabited by humans for between 50 to 80 years, but once the ferocious Goliath alien hits the scene, the hunters are called into to take it down. Robb adds of the Goliath, “They’ve hit other colonies before, but there’s not a lot of information about them.”

Here’s an image of Markov, the assault class hunter:

Markov is said to have a lot of health, and boast a personal shield device. He wields a lightning rifle that spews bolts at long range, and also carries an assault rifle, while his arc mines can be used to set up traps.

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