Double Fine “probably would do a sequel”, has ideas

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 17 September 2013 02:55 GMT

Tim Schafer has said he has ideas for sequels for all of Double Fine’s games, and would probably make one if it had a game as successful as triple-A franchises.

Kotaku asked Schafer about Bethesda’s recent decision to turn Dishonored into a franchise, and if he were tempted to do the same with any of his properties.

“When we have a game that’s as successful as Dishonored, and makes that much money, we probably would do a sequel,” he said.

“Honestly, currently the only reason we haven’t done a sequel is we always have some other idea that we want to do. They wanted me to do a sequel for Full Throttle at [Lucasarts] but I had the idea for Grim [Fandango], and if I’d made the sequel for Full Throttle I wouldn’t have made Grim, and so on and so on.”

Schafer said he’d like the chance to do a sequel one day, because he has ideas for all Double Fine’s games.

“Every one of our games is like, ‘Oh, now I see how to make that game correctly. Oh, I have a lot of ideas of how to make those mechanics better,’ or whatever. So I’d love to get that chance to do that,” he said.

“And there’s certain games that keep popping up, like Costume Quest. There’s an automatic reminder about Costume Quest every year called Halloween, which makes me think about making a sequel to that game every year.”

The new structure of Double Fine, with multiple teams, makes it more likely that a sequel might happen as one team could always be working on new ideas, something Double Fine is committed to.

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