Persona videos being taken off Youtube by Russian sketch actress

By Ewan Miller, Monday, 9 September 2013 00:21 GMT

Over the last couple of days video Let’s Plays, gameplay clips and even the soundtracks of Persona games have been taken down off Youtube due to copyright claims of a channel alledgedly owned by a Russian sketch comedian and news presenter.

Entire accounts have been terminated by Youtube over the copyright disputes, including that of Slayer0 and TheUltimateOneJPS, which hosted remixes of Persona music. Others, such as this Persona music hosting channel have had to delete all their videos to prevent being deleted.

Additionally, it seems that various Russian accounts have been uploading some the suspended accounts’ higher rated videos.

In addition to stealing videos, apparently the practice is also used as a fishing exercise, as part of the copyright claim dispute process involves exposing your real name, address and phone number to the other party involved in the dispute.

Although the channel disputing the copyright claims does consist entirely of videos from the Russian actress Svetlana Daw, including her sizzle reel, there’s no evidence as of yet that the 37-year-old “parodistka” is behind these underhanded copyright disputes.

Hopefully Atlus can help sort things out with Youtube and assist everyone in getting their channels restored.

Thanks, NeoGAF.

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