General Chaos II: Sons of Chaos Kickstarter launches to a lukewarm reception

By Ewan Miller, Monday, 9 September 2013 01:11 GMT

A sequel to General Chaos, an RTS for the Sega Genesis was launched on Kickstarter last Friday by the original’s developer: Game Refuge.

While the original General Chaos was largely famous for being an RTS that worked on the console at a time when the genre was even more PC-exclusive than it is today, General Chaos II: Sons of Chaos is set to arrive on PC only and utilise mouse controls.

Outside of this change however, the Kickstarter is billed as a “reinvention of the fast paced original” by the game’s original designer, Brian Colin and his company Game Refuge, who have made ~50 games over their 21 year history.

While the original General Chaos appears to be their biggest hit, they also created the light-gun adaption of Star Trek: Voyager, which was named 2002’s Game of the year by Wal-Mart.

The company is seeking $125,000 to get General Chaos II off the ground, although after a couple of days the project has only managed to attract ~$4,000. As the game promises a “Compound Bow that shoots exploding Chickens”, I can’t imagine why.

Interestingly, although a decent portion of the page is devoted to stretch goals, Colin describes the idea of “chopping up our “Grand Vision” into individual “Stretch Goals”” as “alien and arbitrary” and promises to “do our best to do everything on this list regardless of how much we raise”.

These comments echo the changing sentiment from developers Kickstarting a game away from stretch goals and dramatically increasing project scope in response to funding.

The now standard port goals include tablets at $165,000 and the 360/PS3 at $600,000 and $700,000 respectively, so be prepared to dig deep if you fancy playing this on either of those.

The PC release of the game is estimated to release July 2014.

Thanks, Joystiq.

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