Level-5 trademarks suggest Guild03 may be on the cards

By Brenna Hillier, Sunday, 5 May 2013 23:38 GMT

A series of mysterious trademarks made by Level-5 have a familiar tang about them, suggesting a third compilation of 3DS games from the Japanese publisher.

Siliconera spotted three unexplained Japanese trademarks from Level-5 – Wonderflick, Rare Drop Adventurer Note and Earth Devastating B-rank Girlfriend.

We don’t know a single thing about any of these titles so it’s quite possible the company just happens to have registered for three new projects all at once, but the pattern fits Level-5’s approach to the two previous Guild games. Level-5 has not ruled out the possibility of a Guild03, and previous efforts have sold well.

In Guild01 and Guild02, Level-5 invited well-known designers to create smaller games, which were then released as a compilation cart in Japan and as 3DS eShop offerings internationally.

Guild01 included Goichi Suda’s Liberation Maiden; Yoot Saito’s Aero Porter; and Yasumi Matsuno’s Crimson Shroud, all of which are available from the western 3DS eShop. A fourth title designed by a comedian, Rental Bukiya de Omasse, was not localised.

Guild02 contains just three games, but only one has been dated for the west so far – The Starship Damrey, which hits the US on May 16. The other two titles, Keiji Inafune’s Bugs vs Tanks and Kaz Ayabe’s Attack of the Friday Monsters, are also inbound but undated.

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