Chronovolt is a steampunk platformer for Vita releasing on PSN next week

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 16 November 2012 20:35 GMT

Chronovolt is a new steampunk platformer for Vita from Playerthree, and it is set to arrive on PSN next week.

According to a developer entry on the PS Blog, Chronovolt’s development was inspired by HG Wells’ The Time Machine, as the team felt the concept of a time manipulation device would provide interesting gameplay mechanics which could be manipulated using Vita’s touch controls.

In Chronovolt, more control has been given to the analogue sticks, while the rear screen controls the camera and the front screen intermittent challenges.

“This decision would form the basis for the main time controls where the player can immediately use the screen to stop and rewind time, target nearby or distant objects, and ‘attack’ enemies using time,” explained Playerthree creative director David Streek.

“We based our story around the discovery of Chronovolts – the energy that powers time – and the use of Chronospheres, created by our two mad inventors, Dr Chase and Scabious Claw. We also wanted to have a young female hero in the form of Jessica Chase who takes up the challenge and through whom you play the game, as you set off after Scabious on your grand adventure.”

Streek also revealed through his post, that the game provided the team with “excellent footing from which to produce our next title,” and the team is already developing a new concept.

Chronovolt launches next Wednesday, November 21.

Check out the video for it below.

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