Rumor: Project Cafe controller has front-facing camera

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 21 May 2011 15:01 GMT

Another day, another Project Cafe rumor. This one has the controller sporting a front-facing camera. Can E3 hurry up and get here, please?

According to a source speaking with Develop, one of the uses of the front-facing camera in the controller, is for in-game images.

Along with this new bit of information, the source confirmed a previous rumor stating that the controller features a six-inch touch-screen, “possibly with a stylus”, and a standard button layout.

The source also speculated but could not confirm that 3DS could be used with the new console as a replacement controller – another rumor which has been tossed about.

“The functions are the same,” the source said. “It is a standard wireless controller added with a front-facing camera and touch screen. That sounds far too much like a 3DS to me. But I can’t confirm this, Nintendo is being very cautious about the details.”

We’ll all know for sure once E3 hits next month.

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